The crux of corporate strategy: Building an advantaged portfolio


The crux of corporate strategy

Building an advantaged portfolio

"The crux of corporate strategy: Building an advantaged portfolio". The Harvard Business Review China (HBRC) recently published a Monitor Deloitte's article on the advantaged portfolio which is co-authored by Jonathan GoodmanMarco Hecker and Kevin Chen.

China's rapidly changing market environment has prompted the companies to seek for diversified business portfolio as corporate strategy to make the aggregate value of a company’s holdings durable over time. Building an advantaged portfolio is fundamental to sustaining growth and competitive advantage over the long term.
Monitor Deloitte has found that the most successful portfolios exhibit three broad characteristics: They are strategically soundvalue-creating, and resilient.

In this article, the authors explore the characteristics of an advantaged portfolio and the trio of attributes that constitute each. Those attributes were illustrated by live case examples of some of China's leading practices across industries.

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And feel free to download (Reprinted with permission from the Harvard Business Review Chinese edition [May,2016]).

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