The Robots are ready. Are you?

Untapped advantage in your digital workforce

The Report

2017 RPA report "The robots are ready. Are you?" is jointly authored by Deloitte UK team and translated by Deloitte China Innovation Department into a Chinese version. The report focuses on discussing digital workforce of enterprises and exploring more opportunities of digital workforce based on previous research of robotics.

Viewpoints / Key Findings

More and more enterprises regard implementing and scaling RPA as their strategic priority. Continuous improvement and automation remain top priorities of them. The report points out three key steps to achieving RPA adoption at scale. The first one is to start with a bold ambition that requires to think from each dimensions. The second is to build a strong foundation, including focusing on process, requiring IT support, personnel's engagement and a transformation programmed for robotics. The last one is to achieve high-velocity change through planning digital workforce to be fast and scalable, building a responsive support organization and implementing digital workforce via agile approach and effective governance.

The advantages gained from digital workforce not only lie in improved compliance, improved quality/accuracy, improved productivity and cost reduction, but the opportunity to establish a mind-set and momentum that enables enterprises to progress further and faster on the overall digital journey.

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