Deloitte BDH: one-stop digital solution for back-office operation

As business grows, the back-office operation can't catch up with the business expansion. Many small and medium-sized enterprises would experience difficulties in operation and management at the growth stage, therefore can't concentrate on the core business.


Deloitte BDH is here to help!

Deloitte BDH is an integrated, one-stop digital solution backed by cloud technology. Acting as a digital guardian, it has helped many small and medium-sized enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency, accelerating their business growth.


A client story
One of our high-growth clients has been developing with strong momentum in recent years. However, the company’s back-end operation obviously cannot catch up with its business expansion. The employees are complaining about the complicated and time-consuming expense claim process, which often requires them to struggle with different invoices and ledgers. The management also finds that data linkage is not enabled for supply chain, finance, and human resources. Nor is there any early risk alert. These problems are hindering the client from focusing on its core business.

Value for the client

It’s time for BDH to help our client solve these problems by supporting its back-end operations. BDH boasts comprehensive and impactful business capabilities based on eight functional modules, i.e. business intelligence, file management, contract management, tax management, finance accounting, human resources, expense claim, and supply chain management.

All these are supported by intelligent technology. For example, when you need to upload contracts, invoices or other reports, OCR technology will extract data from these documents and input into the system. Then RPA technology will analyse these data on cloud 24 /7. As a result, all of the vouchers and reports will be generated into visualized dashboard for relevant stakeholders.

BDH provides full-spectrum intelligent back-end services to relieve enterprises from cumbersome daily operations, thereby helping them to focus on core business development and accelerate business growth.

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