Deloitte Insight Tax – R&D Super-deduction and HNTE Automation System Embarks on a new journey with Ver 2.0!

Before every annual filing, are you still confused about the eligibility of your R&D projects, and the preparation of auxiliary accounts applied for R&D super-deductions?

Are you still worried about the "elusive" HNTE certification indicators?

When you receive a special inspection notice from the Tax Bureau questioning your R&D projects and expenses, are you still struggling to collate and collect documents for reference?

For enterprises with heavy R&D investment, whether they can successfully enjoy the R&D and HNTE tax preferential policies will greatly affect their tax expenses. To enjoy these benefits, enterprises not only need to spend a lot of manpower and time cost to prepare filing documents, but also need to guard themselves against the risk of misunderstanding the new tax policy. In such a previously loose and currently tight policy background, we can only effectively control R&D related tax risks by strengthening the internal control and management of R&D projects and expenses.

To help enterprises meet the updated regulations of R&D Super-deduction and HNTE, Deloitte started to develop in 2016 "Deloitte Insight Tax – R&D Super-deduction and HNTE Automation system ("Insight RND"), and officially launched version 1.0 in early 2017. After a two-year deployment, version 2.0 has been launched with improved functions and optimized experiences in January 2018.


What is Insight RND 2.0?

Insight RND is an efficient, intelligent and automatic IT solution for R&D Super-deduction and HNTE filing, which aims at reducing the risk and simplifying the workload of filing.

Upgraded Insight RND helps enterprises to establish a reasonable R&D internal management system and implement clear and feasible internal control processes to realize the R&D complete process management. Insight RND achieves compliance of R&D projects, expenses accounting and documents through a series of automation processes, and generates final R&D Super-deduction, HNTE tax incentives application materials and CIT filing related reports.


What can Insight RND bring to the enterprises?

Insight RND is a fast, effective, intelligent tax IT solution that delivers multiple management benefits to the enterprise:

Guarantee Tax Compliance

  • Preset R&D compliance filter rules in system to realize standardization and automation of tax compliance judgment, avoiding the uncertainty of manual judgment caused by differences in policy understanding;

Strengthen Internal Control

  • Establish a standardized management process for R&D activities and solidify the R&D internal control through the system;

Improve Filing Efficiency

  • The system can collect R&D expenses quickly and accurately, automatically judge the eligibility of R&D expenses, generate the filing data, and complete the pre-filing examination which greatly improve efficiency;

Enhance Departmental Collaboration

  • Strengthen the collaboration of finance, taxation and R&D departments by using the system workflow, and establish the daily standardization working mechanism;

Control Tax Risks

  • The allocation process is fully recorded: all details can be inquired and all auxiliary accounts information can be traced and audited;
  • Real time monitor R&D Super-deduction and HNTE related indicators.

Insight RND will be your compliant, efficient, intelligent, comprehensive little butler.

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