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【Global Tax Reset II Series】 OECD released administrative guidance on global minimum tax

Published date: 3 February 2023

On 2 February 2023, the OECD announced the release of the long-awaited “administrative guidance” on Pillar Two (the OECD's global minimum tax). This updates the commentary released in March 2022 and addresses a number of the open technical uncertainties in the Pillar Two rules.

Administrative guidance

The new guidance is 111 pages long and covers questions of scope, income and taxes, insurance-specific points, transition, and qualified domestic minimum top-up taxes (QDMTTs).

The guidance will be incorporated into the Pillar Two commentary (and a revised synthesized version of the commentary is expected to be released later in 2023). As previously announced, the OECD will continue to update the administrative guidance/commentary on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency in the application of the Pillar Two rules.

Hong Kong's timeline on implementation of global minimum tax

In August 2022, the Hong Kong government announced that the implementation of Pillar Two in Hong Kong will be deferred to 2024 at the earliest with reference to the progress of other jurisdictions. Following the announcement of implementation of global minimum tax by some jurisdictions, e.g. Korea, Malaysia, UK, France, Germany, etc. and more administrative guidance released by the OECD, we look forward to the Hong Kong government announcing its timeline on the implementation of the global minimum tax, in particular QDMTT. We will keep you updated of the latest development.

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