The Big Picture of Mobility

2017 Deloitte China Mobile Consumer Survey

The Report

The Big Picture of Mobility: 2017 Deloitte China Mobile Consumer Survey is an online survey conducted by Deloitte China TMT industry during the past five years. The survey focuses on consumer behaviours, trends and opinions regarding a broad range of wireless and mobility products and services.  Aiming to explore the level of applications, devices and support, this survey covers several recent hot topics such as the content consumption, mobile payment, digital devices, data security, biometrics and internet of things (IoT) in order to reveal the key trends that drive the mobile markets and to provide suggestions for relevant enterprises.


Viewpoints / key findings

Smartphones will still remain dominant

  • Mobile phone has surpassed tablets and other digital devices in ownership rate, and vastly exceeded emerging digital products represented by smartwatch and smart bracelet in this regard.
  • The smartphone’s success in the future is likely to be the introduction of an array of innovations that are largely invisible.

Machine Learning (ML) will be fitted as standard in phones

  • AI chips will be fitted as standard in smartphones, and the amount of machine learning-based applications is expected to steadily increase.
  • With smartphones becoming an increasingly viable deployment option for ML, the spectrum of potential scenarios is expanding.

Fingerprint authentication marks the password-free era

  • Fingerprint authentication has become a standard configuration of smartphones, exceeding password as the main way of unblocking smart phones.
  • At the moment, nearly seventy percent of smartphones are with fingerprint authentication function. Full coverage will be achieved in the future and more usage scenarios of fingerprint authentication will appear. 

Consumers attach more importance to the phone storage space

  • The consideration of necessity and storage space will become major factors that affect the number of Apps installed. In view of this, App differentiation is likely to be the new ground for the development of mobile phone applications.

The self-introspection of mobile phone addicts should arouse attention 

  • Consumers are trying to limit their phone usage to prevent live and work from being occupied, while smartphones utilization will continue to rise given the increasingly assembled function embedded in smartphones.

Physical stores and online stores will keep the back-and-forth relationship

  • The physical stores are showing signs of revival, since the consumers focus more on the product experience, brand and innovation etc.
  • Online stores are losing price advantages and will experience a slowing growth in the future.

The outlook of wearable devices and IoT devices are still unclear

  • Due to the price issue as well as low intelligence degree, IoT equipment will keep low ownership rate in short time and will mainly focus on entertainment products.

Mobile video will encourage the data traffic consumption

  • The video contents are popular and the demand of consumers for data traffic will further increase. Hence the core position of data traffic services in the whole business of operators will be further deepened. 

Personal information leakage becomes the new normal 

  • Driven by economic interest, enterprises collect and reveal consumer information, which causes the frequent leakage of personal information and arouses consumer attention on  such behaviour of enterprises. 

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