White paper on marketing communications in China

Trends in 2025

The marketing communications market in China is undergoing a huge transformation. Internet, social media and the rise of information technology have generated a disruptive influence, and traditional media no longer has the dominant discourse due to the reshaping of the traditional industry value chain, weakening of the distribution channels, and closer communication between advertisers and consumers. The explosive growth of media contacts, as well as the transparency and flattening of dissemination of information, have led to the changing business marketing requirements.

Overall, three macro forces are driving the Chinese marketing communications market:

1.     Economic transformation

2.     Technological innovations

3.     Rising consumption level

Under the influence of these three macro forces, the market experiences six transformations:

1.     Disintermediation

2.     Shift to nonlinear consumption

3.     One-stop agency model

4.     Value chain reconstruction

5.     Industry restructure

6.     Value chain expansion

The Matthew Effect on the marketing communications market will be intensified in the future, and market growth in traditional advertising will continue to decline. The emerging internet advertising market will lead the growth in the overall advertising industry. Media socialization, mobilized advertising and content subdivision will be the trend.

Managing the direction of development in the process of reform, building the corresponding ability and organizational structure, and establishing sustainable competitiveness are challenges that marketing agencies are facing. The key to solving these challenges is to build a business intelligence service and one-stop service ability to help customers with sales conversion.

In order to achieve the goal of building sustainable core competitiveness, marketing agencies are required to actively invest in business model transformation, establish scalability, enhance capital operating capability and extend global reach.

(Simplified Chinese version only)
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