China's Film Industry

a New Era

Deloitte has launched the research report “China's Film Industry – a New Era” as a part of the China Culture & Entertainment Report Series to provide research and POV on the Film Industry trend. Deloitte Culture & Entertainment report series will cover Film, Internet POV and TV industries. The Culture & Entertainment Industry is currently booming with all kinds of changes. This report will provide insights on the trend and changes in Film industry in next five years.

Followings are the summaries of Film Market Trend:

1st Trend: Scale-up

  • Chinese box office is on the rise with the expectation of beating North American market in 2020 as the world's biggest film market.
  • Chinese film market will continuously benefit from three driven forces: policy, internet and funding.
  • New norm: Film-making industry will continue to expend and will affect various parts of the ecosystem in different way.

2nd Trend: Globalization

  • Co-production will be a popular cooperation method.
  • There is more co-production relationship with US and Korea.

3rd Trend: Internet +

  • Improve strategy and profit with Big Data analysis.
  • Alliances with other data collection channels.

4th Trend: Diversification

  • Growth in capital investment in film industry also attract more M&A investment from other industries.
  • Film companies privatize in foreign market and relisted in China market.
  • The trend of "internet +" encourages internet division to be listed independently and to expand with the help from the capital market.
  • Crowdfunding emerges to be a complementary funding method for film industry.

5th Trend: Restructure

  • Film industry to look for revenue channel diversification.

6th Trend: IP Valuing

  • Intellectual Property (IP) is gaining more monetary value.
  • Capital investment in IP is targeting short sales.
  • 3 steps to reach success

7th Trend: Standardization

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