OTT and the changing eco-system in China's telecom industry

With Google now paying Orange, the French telecom operator, for its mobile traffic, the competition between teleco providers and over-the-top (OTT) players (internet companies who provide services based on the data transportation through the pipe of telecom operators) has become more intense than ever.

A number of global telecos have refused to provide free data transportation services for OTT providers. Moreover, in China’s telecom market, MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) will soon become a potential competitor to telecom operators. With the rapidly-changing eco-system in the telecom industry, how would telecom operators react to the competition of OTTs and MVNOs? Deloitte China's TMT Center of Excellence investigates the business environment for the operators and analyzes the possible landscape of the telecom industry in China.

(Simplified Chinese version only)
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