Performance ecosystem

A decision framework to take performance to the next level

About Report

“Performance ecosystem: A decision framework to take performance to the next level” was released by Deloitte University, compiled and translated by Deloitte China Technology, Media & Telecommunication Industry team. In this article, we innovatively defined the ecosystems taxonomy, and provided examples of some firms to illustrate the differences between these types. We hope to provide a much more innovative decision framework for executives, thus help them examine the forward way of enterprises from a higher perspective of ecosystem.

Viewpoints / key findings

Companies operate within ecosystems to deliver value to their markets—no company is an island. Yet, for many, these ecosystems have evolved without much attention or planning. Few companies have systematically assessed the different options available in terms of types of ecosystems. This paper seeks to help you, as an executive, take a more thoughtful and planned approach to this increasingly important issue. Based on research covering more than 50
case studies, ecosystems can be grouped under four broad categories:

  • Centralized ecosystems
  • Sequenced ecosystems
  • Facilitated ecosystems
  • Self-organized ecosystems

Using key management practices and evolving to higher-performing ecosystem types can create greater value for organizations, but what approach can an organization use to select the right ecosystem? Below demonstrates three key steps to address the question:

  • Assessing your current capabilities and existing ecosystems
  • Assessing your ecosystem options going forward
  • Using key management practices to continually improve your ecosystems

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