Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

With the popularity of reform of digitalization, the medium and channels for new mass media have witnessed tremendous changes, and it is also seen that the integration trend across the global telecommunications and media & entertainment industries.  Across the global market, major telecom operators have invested to enter the media & entertainment fields and wish to leverage their channel advantages to integrate with media content resources so as to respond to the rise of new internet media. From fragmented to merged, industry integration and alliances herald the advent of new business format.

In China market, the three major operators have actively been involved in media & entertainment industry to meet the development of new era. Faced with the dynamic and disruptive market, telecom operators have incorporated it into one of the key strategic transformation strategies. Along with the widespread of 4G network and the coming of commercial application of 5G, the process of telecom media will be accelerated with the promotion of Chinese digital technology, market and policies.  As one of the world's largest enterprises services companies, our in-depth expertise in this rapidly changing industry serves as an indispensable resource for a significant proportion of the world's eminent companies. We help all organizations utilize the emerging market and technology-enabled power with full range of multidisciplinary capabilities including:

  • IPO
  • Assurance and audit
  • Risk consulting
  • Tax advisory
  • Business and technology consulting
  • Financial advisory
  • Corporate finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Strategy and Operation
  • Human capital advisory service
  • Digital transformation