Innovative enterprise cloud solutions enhancing transformation value

Oracle Cloud World 2017, being Oracle's highly important conference of the year in China, was held with great success in Shanghai. The conference included knowledge sharing from influential leaders around the world and senior executives of various industries.

Deloitte Consulting attended the conference as the highest diamond level sponsor of the forefront on Cloud transformation and we anticipate a deeper and more extensive interaction with our alliance partner and clients to advocate the fulfilment of the common vision.

During the keynote, Oracle shared their successful experience with local partners and service providers on united innovation, data centre localization, and providing 3 level cloud services covered SaaS, PaaS and IaaS which bring clients a fantastic digital transformation journey.

John Liu, Chief Innovation Officer from Deloitte Consulting's US Oracle Practice, gave a keynote speech with the title of "Oracle Cloud transformation – Trends and Innovations". John shared the insight on trends that drive cloud transformation, explained how cloud transformation add shareholder value, and introduced innovative enterprise solutions enhancing transformation value. Now China is aggressively pursuing the establishment of highly developed internet infrastructure, boosting Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of things and Mobile Connections among various industries, with the purpose of improvement in productivity and innovation speed. John also presented in the afternoon Appdev track and further introduced how Deloitte's innovative enterprise solutions enhance transformation value using Oracle Dark Technology. 

Deloitte Consulting's Director Ding Wei also gave a speech titled with "Innovative Cloud Transformation" in the afternoon Oracle SaaS track. He shared the typical implementation roadmap of what a client would experience on digitization under Deloitte's methodology, and several successful stories.

Deloitte Consulting will assist clients to achieve cloud transformation in their business and go-to-market rapidly. Deloitte has unique CloudMix solution which integrates Oracle's cloud products providing clients with a complete cloud solution covering industry characteristics. In addition, numerous clients' successful cases have proven that Deloitte's agile implementation methodology can leverage on the strength of cloud products, to help clients realize the cloud transformation in their business and build competitiveness advantage in the marketplace. 

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