Deloitte was awarded the "Digital Transformation of the Year" by Alibaba Cloud

Published: 3 January 2023

Recently, Deloitte was invited to participate in the Alibaba Cloud Summit 2022 and the Award Dinner in Hong Kong. In the summit, Deloitte shared insight of industry development trends and best practices of digital transformation services with guests. Additionally, Deloitte was awarded the "Digital Transformation of the Year" by Alibaba Cloud with its outstanding and comprehensive cloud service capabilities.

Deloitte has been at the forefront of transformation trend, and actively enable digitalization of different industries with alliance partners by virtue of a robust ecosystem and key alliances. In the past years, Deloitte cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to provide transformation and innovation services for many well-known enterprises in different industries, such as Retail Consumption, Logistics & Transportation, Energy & Industrials, and Automotive, and created several joint solutions and many successful cases.


Deloitte Consulting China Partner Clement Tse (right side) received the award as a representative

Photo source:Alibaba Cloud


Currently, cloud transformation has become an inevitable trend for enterprises’ digitalization. Deloitte takes a client-centric view by offering enterprises with end-to-end cloud services, covering cloud strategy and readiness, cloud solutions, data migration and cloud native mid-end platform construction. With the cloud capabilities, Deloitte builds digital industry solutions, provide services for cloud native implementation and application modernization, comprehensive and holistic cloud application operational enablement, to help customers accelerate the realization of value. With the acceleration of enterprises' pace moving to cloud and the challenges on cloud security faced, building a safe, compliant, manageable and scalable cloud IT environment has become the demand and decision-making standard for many enterprises to start the cloud journey and the management on cloud. Therefore, making an overall top-level design and infrastructure planning in advance will enable a smoother and more stable cloud transformation for the enterprises. It can help enterprises standardize their cloud application strategy, eliminate obstacles for subsequent business on cloud, and avoid risks related to network security, data security and operational efficiency degradation caused by non-standard management.

In order to help enterprises realize their cloud transformation aspirations, Deloitte combined its cloud capabilities with the eight modules of Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone's cloud management and governance framework, and jointly created the "one-stop" cloud management and compliance security governance solution which provides end-to-end services for architecture, security, monitoring, operation, governance and automation, to help enterprises achieve secure cloud environment and better management on the cloud.

Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud had a joint project on Landing Zone cooperation in Hong Kong. They built a cloud infrastructure that meets security compliance requirements based on hybrid cloud deployment for the enterprise, and it well supports the comprehensive operation of the enterprise's existing customer service system. Based on this successful case, both parties drive more cooperation opportunities. At the 2022 Alibaba APSARA Conference, Deloitte was certified as Alibaba Cloud's 2022 Landing Zone Ecological Partner by virtue of the contribution on solution and project cooperation. Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud will further expand and consolidate the cooperation of Landing Zone in multinational enterprises and various in-depth fields through the combination of strengths.



As a global leading professional services firm, Deloitte is committed to provide customers with end to end solutions leveraging its indepth capabilities, industry experience and technology know how as well as its unique “A-I-O” (Advice – Implement – Operate) integrated market offerings. In addition, Deloitte will combine with Alibaba Cloud's global leading technical services to develop comprehensive solutions through the collaboration. They will endeavour to help enterprises transform to cloud swiftly and steadily, and continue to conduct secure and compliant operations management, so as to maximize the business value on the cloud.

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