Deloitte and SAP jointly established the Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center as "Deloitte SAP Cloud Innovation Center"

Published: 9 December 2022

Recently, Deloitte and SAP jointly established the Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center as "Deloitte SAP Cloud Innovation Center" in the Shenzhen Greater Bay Area Dual Innovation Center. Relying on this center as a platform, Deloitte, through its rich consulting experience and advanced methodology, combined with the leading software of SAP, will jointly promote the economic integration of the Greater Bay Area, build an ecology, facilitate industrial innovation and collaborative development in the Greater Bay Area, contribute to exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises and experts and scholars, and solidify the practice of digital technology to empower the transformation of enterprises in the real economy. 

The opening ceremony of Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center as "Deloitte SAP Cloud Innovation Center"

Smart Bay Area Creating the Future Together 

Tom Kwok, Deloitte China Southern Region Mainland Managing Partner

Tom Kwok, Deloitte China Southern Region Mainland Managing Partner, delivered an opening speech at the opening ceremony. The Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center is jointly built by Deloitte and SAP, with the theme of "Intelligence on the Cloud, Innovation for the Future", relying on the platform, building an ecology, promoting industrial innovation and collaborative development in the Greater Bay Area, promoting the economic integration and contributing to the development of strong, complementary and extended chains for the Greater Bay Area industries.

Modernized industrial system with high quality and synergistic development

Xiao Jiarui, Vice Governor of Luohu District Government of Shenzhen City

Xiao Jiarui, Vice Governor of Luohu District Government of Shenzhen City, attended the opening ceremony and warmly congratulated the establishment of "Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center", expressing appreciation to Deloitte for its continuous support and enthusiastic participation in the high-quality economic development of Shenzhen City and Luohu District. The establishment of this center is an important initiative to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic plan of building a modern industrial system and promoting high-quality development. Vice Governor Xiao expects that the "Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center" can leverage on its resources and technical advantages to cooperate with enterprises from home and abroad in a wider field, at a deeper level and on a larger scale, so as to inject strong momentum into the economic development of Luohu, Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.

Intelligence on the Cloud, Innovation for the Future

On behalf of Deloitte Consulting China's SAP offering, Deloitte Consulting China Partner Zeng Yuanwei introduced the "Deloitte SAP Cloud Innovation Center" to the leaders, guests and media. This center will focus on four major directions: cutting-edge technology practice exchange, talent training, industry empowerment and value export. In the future, it will also assume the corresponding responsibilities of SAP cloud products and solutions  demonstration and innovation, empowering "new Chinese enterprises", helping enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to successfully go to the cloud and integrate into the collaborative network of the Greater Bay Area industry chain.

Zeng Yuanwei, Deloitte Consulting China Partner

Growing Business Enabler

SAP Greater China Growth Enterprise General Manager, Xu Zhengchun, emphasized that after the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center, SAP will work together with Deloitte to support the "specialized and new" enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to complete the construction of the digital operation system, create a collaborative platform for the integration of production, supply and sales, and help the green and sustainable development of the Greater Bay Area industrial ecology.

Xu Zhengjun, General Manager of SAP Greater China Growth Enterprises

Digital Cloud Era Practitioner

China International Marine Containers CIO, Pan Jinjie, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. CIMC makes full use of the global capabilities of SAP products and Deloitte's professional services to operate and expand global diversified business and promote digital transformation and enhancement. He believes that the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center by Deloitte and SAP will effectively promote the synergistic development and industry innovation of the industry chain in the Greater Bay Area. CIMC will work together with Deloitte and SAP for the goal of creating an international first-class Bay Area and a world-class city cluster in the Greater Bay Area.

Pan Jinjie, China International Marine Containers CIO

The series of market activities of industry chain in the Greater Bay Area were also held at the same time, and experts shared the digital chain cloud platform "Think Big, Start Small, to create a domestic and international double-loop development pattern under the wave of global supply chain restructuring". Facing the wave after wave of transformation, Deloitte and SAP experts are exploring the new continent of supply chain digital transformation together with enterprise customers in the Greater Bay Area, exploring key topics such as how to strengthen supply chain resilience and improve management efficiency, how to layout the world externally, and what capabilities enterprises should have under the national double-cycle development strategy.

Intelligence on the Cloud, Innovation for the Future, as a top global partner of SAP, Deloitte and SAP take the Greater Bay Area Industry Chain Empowerment Center as a platform to create more solutions to jointly empower Bay Area enterprises and help Bay Area enterprises successfully achieve digital transformation. 

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