Deloitte fully supported VMware Automotive Industry Client Summit and jointly released a whitepaper with VMware

Published: 9 February 2023

The VMware Explore - VMware Automotive Industry Client Online Summit was grandly held recently. This is VMware's top annual client event. Deloitte fully supported the summit, delivered a keynote speech, and jointly released a “Multi-Cloud Whitepaper” with VMware.

With the intelligent upgrade of automotive products and industrial chains, the automotive industry is moving towards electrification, networking, intelligence, and sharing. The development and application of digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things are profoundly affecting the technological transformation and innovation of the automotive industry from product development, manufacturing, intelligent driving, travel service, data management, and security.

As a top global partner of VMware, Deloitte continues to work closely with VMware to explore topics in technical fields such as digitalization, multi-cloud, edge computing, AI, data security compliance, and software-defined vehicles. Deloitte hopes to provide reference and enlightenment to car enterprise clients on the transformation path and key technology practice solutions.

Deloitte Speech on Digital Transformation Trends and Data Security Compliance in the Automotive Industry

Xiao Tengfei, Deloitte China Risk Advisory Partner, and Qi Xinguo, Deloitte Consulting China Partner, delivered speeches at the Automotive Industry Client Online Summit, with the theme of digital transformation trends in the automotive industry and data security compliance. The speech had thorough discussion on the industry transformation challenges that China's automotive industry is facing. With years of experience in cloud digital management services, Deloitte China has successfully achieved the cloud transformation for the automotive industry.

Xiao Tengfei, Deloitte China Risk Advisory Partner, and Qi Xinguo, Deloitte Consulting China Partner, delivered speeches at the Automotive Industry Client Online Summit

Photos Source: VMware

Deloitte and VMware jointly released Multi-cloud Whitepaper

The multi-cloud whitepaper jointly released by Deloitte and VMware, from the domestic and foreign sustainable development regulations and industry perspectives, has an in-depth explanation, through the case analysis of six major industries. While enterprises enjoy the agility and innovation brought by the cloud, they have to deal with a series of challenges and pain points. Most enterprises cannot simply get rid of the systems that have been running for many years and build a totally new platform on the cloud. It is because this is a multi-cloud symbiotic market. We have to consider different requirements and restrictions, including talent, technology, cost, compliance, security and environment.  Our ultimate goal is to transform and build an IT system with multi-cloud thinking to support sustainable business development.

With Deloitte's deep industry knowledge and experience in business and IT transformation and VMware's leading cloud infrastructure and mobility technology, we help customers to achieve successful cloud transformation as significant part of their digital transformation and innovation journey. 

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