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Emerging Technology

Combined with Emerging technology, deliver "One Stop Shop" Digital solutions —Core Modernization, Intelligent Operations, Cloud Transformation, enabling digital transformation to unleash growth potential and increase organizational agility.

With the development of science and technology, more and more emerging technologies have begun to enter people's vision and become a significant tool of improving the management level of enterprises, but how do they ensure functional excellence within their own units? Deloitte’s Emerging Technologies offerings are a powerful and versatile enabler of success.

Emerging Technology mainly divided in 3 fields, Emerging Technology Solution, Hybrid Platforms and HUAWEI Solutions.

  • Emerging Technology Solution drives business transformation, operations and digital rebuilding using Emerging Technology applications, including Workday / Infor / Localized Emerging Application solutions.
  • Hybrid Platforms provides capabilities support of Emerging Application Modernization transformation program to clients, leveraging big data, AI, Cloud and other emerging technology. Including Core Modernization Strategy, ERP Rebuilding, and innovation ERP Solutions ( Future of Contract, Future of Project Management, Future of e-Procurement management, Future of R&D Management, Future of Settlement System, Future of Last Mile, Future of Employee Journal etc).
  • Huawei solutions delivers Digital Transformation solution leveraging Huawei Technologies, include HUAWEI cloud, Huawei Enterprise Application Platform, IOT, Intelligent Manufacturing, Data Platform, HarmonyOS, EulerOS, Emerging Technology accelerators, Industry solution and ERP etc.

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Zhong Cheng

Zhong Cheng

Deloitte Consulting China Emerging Technology Offering Leader

Zhong Cheng is Deloitte Consulting China Emerging Technology Offering Leader. . ... More