Global Delivery Center


Global Delivery Center 

Service Line Overview

  • Global Delivery Center (GDC) Possess the Experiences, Functional Knowledge, and Business Sense to Deliver on the Promise of Tying AMS to Business Outcomes
  • The Chongqing GDC opened its doors in January 2015.Now, GDC has over 200 staff currently providing services to external China offices and clients.
  • The Chongqing GDC is designed to remain competitive domestically, build efficiency and quality, and be “plug and play” ready for the Deloitte network, with an emphasis on serving China, Japan, Korea and FG500 clients operating in China.
  • Deloitte China has designed its GDC along the principles of US-India, including a commitment to complement and align with best in class quality and cost expectations.

Service Scope

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Denken Meng

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