Stanley Dai

Deloitte China Deputy CEO
Deloitte China Chief Strategy Officer
Deloitte Consulting China National Managing Partner
Member of China Management Team
Global Consulting Executive Committee

Stanley Dai

Stanley Dai is Deloitte China Deputy CEO, Deloitte China Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting China National Managing Partner, member of China Management Team and Global Consulting Executive Committee.  

Stanley Dai deeply specializes in management consulting business, with a focus on enterprise digital transformation, strategic planning and transformation, and other relevant professional fields. He has been serving multi-national and large domestic clients across a spectrum of industries.

Under Stanley’s leadership, Deloitte Consulting China has been maintaining high growth. Today, it has become a leading consulting service provider in China.

In his capacity as Deputy CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte China, Stanley is responsible for formulating Deloitte China’s strategy, and executing key business transformation initiatives in strategic alliances, Operate business, and digitalization. In the meanwhile, Stanley is committed to leading cross-BU collaborations and creating more synergies, which constantly empowers our clients in China with high-quality, all-round professional services.