Overview: What are the government’s intended changes in terms of employees and employers?

We can help you prepare for the changes brought about by the Labour Code amendment, the government’s consolidation package, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and the Employment Act amendment. Below, you will find an overview of the most significant topics of the coming months.

What to expect?


The amendment to the Labour Code will bring a number of major changes that will affect all employers, regardless of the sector or area in which they operate. These changes encompass rules regarding working from home, agreements on work outside the employment relationship, informing employees and delivering documents.


A key plan for economic stabilisation and reduction of the public deficit has been introduced, known as the government’s “Czech Republic in Shape” consolidation package. Among the elements discussed is a change in the tax regime for employee benefits. What are the introduced changes to employee benefits and how to prepare for them? Our legal, tax and HR experts have prepared comprehensive advice on getting ready for the new taxation of employee benefits.


The new law, effective from August 2023, emphasises transparency and ethics in the corporate world. Employers with over 50 employees along with other entities must establish an internal whistleblowing system to report violations. Reports can include criminal offences, misdemeanours, and breaches of EU law. The law also sets out penalties for non-compliance and specific rules for obliged entities.


The forthcoming amendment should particularly affect employment agencies and employment intermediation, not only by modifying the obligations of employment agencies, but also the protection of agency workers.

Labour Code Amendment Highlights:

Highlights from the Whistleblower Protection Act:

Impact of the government’s consolidation package on employee benefits:

Time Schedule

What to expect?    

Effectiveness of the Labour Code Amendment 

Expected to take effect from 1 October 2023 (to be updated from time to time).

What can we expect from January 2024?

From 1 January 2024, an amendment to the Labour Code will come into force in the area of leave for employees working on the basis of agreements for work outside the employment relationship.
Consolidation Package 

Expected from 1 January 2024.


1 August 2023: obligation to introduce a whistleblowing system for employers with over 250 employees.

15 December 2023: obligation to introduce a whistleblowing system for employers with between 50 and 250 employees.

How can we help you prepare for the planned changes?

Overview of our Services: 

  • Individual consultation.
  • Workshop for your HR team.
  • Analysis of what changes will affect your company and suggestion of how to address these changes.
  • Preparation of internal legal documents. 
  • Technology tools to simplify legal requirements.
  • PeoplePort ‒ a unique tool for the electronic signing of HR documents.


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