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Technology Strategy & Architecture

Guiding Digital Trans­for­ma­tion

„IT is a critical success factor across all industries – and right at the center of the Digital Transformation of each and every enterprise. We will enable you to guide your company through its digitalization journey by offering comprehensive IT advice tailored to technology and market trends." Jochen Fauser, Partner | Technology Strategy & Architecture Lead, Deloitte

We enable you to embrace digital technologies as a source of growth and competitiveness

We are living in a time where technology is changing every aspect of conducting business. It creates enormous opportunities as well as new dimensions of risk. Chief Information Officers, Chief Digital Officers and business leaders strive to embrace digital technologies as a source of growth and enhanced competitiveness. They need to act now – to develop and execute technology strategies that drive successful business outcomes.
We are here to guide you through this unprecedented digital change by applying a holistic approach towards IT value creation. The result? Tailored digital business models and technology strategies, IT organizations and governance. Targeted solutions for your enterprise architecture, cloud and IT infrastructure. Experienced support to large-scale IT transformations, mergers, and acquisitions.
Our Technology Strategy & Architecture team helps you to leverage digital technologies and address today’s technology challenges effectively.

Digital Technology Strategy

Key questions of our clients

  • Which opportunities should CIOs address to optimize their business?
  • How to digitally transform?
  • Where to digitize?
  • How can CIOs optimally support the digitalization of their business?

The Digital Technology Strategy capability develops and implements technology-driven digital business models as well as the CIO’s Technology Strategy.

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Tech-Enabled Innovation

Key questions of our clients

  • What are the latest tech innovations?
  • What is the added value of these new technologies?
  • What effect will tech-enabled innovations have on my daily business?
  • How should I implement it?
  • Where do I start?

We are the early adopters of tech innovations and constantly strive to make our clients and people digital aware. We empower our clients to implement technology-driven digital business models and guide CIOs/CTOs from ideation to pilot in order to assess business impact and innovate their business model.

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IT Business Management

Key questions of our clients

  • What is the value contribution of my IT?
  • How can I improve the flexibility with the right speed of IT?
  • Is my IT ready for digitization?
  • How can I protect my digital assets?

Our experts are the trusted partners of our clients in IT effectiveness topics. We support our clients to define the role of their IT, to make their IT ready to enable the business’ digitization, to transform their IT to a customer orientated one and to establish a service orchestration. We do this by providing end-to-end services based on our interdisciplinary capabilities, best practice assets and industry insights.

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IT Sourcing

Key questions of our clients

  • How do I reach my financial objectives during the outsourcing lifecycle?
  • How do I effectively manage my vendors?
  • Sourcing: Make or Buy?
  • How do I identify the most capable partner?

Our IT Sourcing services focus on the complete outsourcing lifecycle. We develop and implement sourcing strategies, thus we help clients to realize the benefits and mitigate the risks associated with sourcing initiatives.

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IT Transformation

Key questions of our clients

  • How can we lead our programs to success?
  • How can we consistently decide what to focus on?
  • How can we measure and predict our transformability?
  • How can we best benefit from “Agile” ?

Our IT Transformation services help clients transform technology, processes and organizations by focusing on the right initiatives, leading and implementing transformation programs the right way and making sure projects are delivered effectively with the right amount of insight and agility.

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Cloud & IT Infrastructure

Key questions of our clients

  • Is my organization “cloud-ready”?
  • How can cloud services drive my business digitization?
  • Which transformation prepares my infrastructure for the future?
  • How can I modernize IT infrastructure to meet business requirements?

Our Cloud & IT Infrastructure advisory services act to rapidly identify and address cloud client needs, and help clients to address infrastructure challenges.

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Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Key questions of our clients

  • How do I derive a cost-efficient Enterprise Architecture based on business goals?
  • What is the impact of Digital Transformation on my Enterprise Architecture?
  • How do I govern Enterprise Architecture changes in a non-business-disruptive and agile way?
  • What are standard and leading-practice architectures in my functional domain?

Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) practitioners facilitate the alignment between business goals and IT landscapes based on EA standards. When business models change, we help define a roadmap that reflects these changes by optimizing landscapes and underlying business processes. In addition, we assist
clients in defining and implementing EA methods, tools, organizations and standards to efficiently and effectively govern their IT landscapes.

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Key questions of our clients

  • How do I efficiently carveout a business unit and avoid disruption?
  • How do I maximize deal value through IT M&A?
  • How do I prepare my IT organization for M&A transactions?
  • How do I realize synergies and mitigate risks?

We provide a deeply and extensively experienced IT M&A team. We are the sparring partner and advisor for all IT M&A related questions and activities. Our IT M&A experts help define and implement an effective and efficient way to merge or separate IT and related business functions.

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