Are you under attack?

Are you under attack?

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Deloitte Denmark, together with our Nordic partner firms, offers a pool of 150 cyber specialists. Globally, we stand together with more than 8,600 professionals. We are proud that Gartner and IDC have ranked us #1 in security consulting for the 7th consecutive year.

We view Cyber as a strategic business risk and opportunity for our clients. Established players are challenged by new digital value chains. New digital opportunities come with a risk, and we help our clients navigate in this complex landscape.

We cover every aspect of cyber risk – and all industries and client sizes — from advisory and implementation to managed security services and incident management. Most importantly, we do so through our diverse network of people across the globe, helping clients perform better and create the confidence to grow.

We invest in insights and have globally represented cyber intelligence centres and delivery centres. These insights are brought to our specialists and used in our solutions and methods.

Together with our Cyber Advisory Services we make a tangible impact that matters through collaboration with solution partners from analysis, design and implementation to continuous improvement.

Awarded market leaders

We strive to continuously lead the market in the area of cyber risk and security services. We are awarded and acknowledged by some of the most renowned institutions within the area of cyber, e.g. Gartner, ALM Intelligence and Forrester. In 2020, we were named global leader in Security Consulting Services for the 9th year in a row by Gartner.

Leading-edge technologies

We are committed to investing in innovation and emerging technologies to ensure that we are equipped with the latest tools to solve current and future challenges for our clients. Alliances with market-leading cyber vendors and groundbreaking startups around the world offer our clients access to a wide range of cyber-risk technologies and leading-edge technology innovation.

Global intelligence delivered locally

We have the largest professional services network in the world. Diversity across our cyber teams helps us work across the globe with a local and personal lens. We have over 8,600 dedicated cyber-risk service practitioners of which 1,300 are dedicated to Europe and the Middle East alone, ready to help our clients everywhere with any challenge.

End-to-end cyber-risk services

We cover every aspect of cyber risk — from advisory and implementation of strategic transformations to managed security services, product solutions and incident management. This enables us to deliver more resilient and silo-breaking solutions, taking the whole business chain into account. This helps our clients to leverage their potential and growth even more.


Cyber Advisory Services

Cloud Security

We help clients understand how they can use cloud as a strategic advantage, and how to build a cloud platform that keeps all the benefits and adds the security and resilience they expect but do not know how to specify.

Identity Management

We advise on, deliver and manage identity systems for clients through industry-leading products in order for them to worry less about what the employees are doing and focus on their customers.

Detect and Respond

Deloitte helps clients understand what is coming over the horizon and how to prepare for it. We combine insight into the nature of attackers with technical analysis of systems and apps to give pragmatic advice on how to keep the business running.

Cyber Strategy and Transformation

Deloitte supports our clients to navigate, implement and modernise cyber transformation programmes. This includes working with the client to offer strategic roadmap based on the risk appetite and provide an experienced team who can lead complex programme management from technology, process to governance implementation across all sectors.

Data & Privacy – Privacy Transformation

Our teams help you understand the shape and size of data stored within your business and how to manage it in compliance with all regulatory requirements; bring your processes in line; and protect it from disappearing entirely.


We help clients keep data secure before, during and upon transition to S/4HANA.

Enterprise Recovery

We provide dedicated teams that can offer their assistance on site rapidly.

Products & Services

IT-Security Gap Analysis: CIS-20 Critical Controls

We help our clients raise their current it-security level with clear and actionable recommendations on both controls, processes and tools. Our IT-Security Gap Analysis framework is based on the CIS-20 Critical Controls and aims to make it-security measurable for the best cost-to-security possible, enabling our client to reach best potential of their security measures.

IT Security Topics

How should you manage your privileged accounts in a secure and effective manor? How can you foster and maintain a strong and resilient cyber security culture in your organisation? And how should you manage all your inventory and assets to prevent intruders for accessing your systems? A lot of organisations are struggling with how to answer these modern world cyber threaths. We recognize the challenges and have the answers.

Software Vendors

We are committed to create the best synergies across the cyber landscape. Thus we continuously form alliances with market-leading cyber vendors and groundbreaking startups around the world, to offer our clients access to a wide range of state of the art cyber-risk technologies and innovation.

IT Barometer

Answer a few questions and get a quick IT security review of your company. The barometer questions represent some of the key pain points we see in the market.

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