Deloitte’s International Digital Customer Service Excellence 2022 Survey is out

Customer Service Excellence Survey 2022

Deloitte published its second edition Digital Customer Service Excellence Survey results in June 2022, which aims to outline the trends and challenges that will shape the future of customer service operations.

This year, we present data for 3 regions – Northern, Central and Western Europe – collected in the survey completed by 7 000 customer service leaders.

Customer service has been examined from several different perspectives: customer, employee, middle management and board of directors.

The main statements of the study are as follows:

1. The self-service revolution
Businesses have recognized the value of investing in and exploiting self-service opportunities - a trend our survey confirms. It is clear that self-service is the channel that companies are most likely to invest in to further develop. A superior self-service experience is delivered by well-designed, engaging and easy-to-use front-end solutions that address the difficulties of the customer journey.

2. More emphasis on personalized customer care
Customers have a clear and growing need for a personalized service. In fact, customer service employees rated personalized service as the most important factor for their customers, and the one that has the greatest positive impact on customer satisfaction.

3. Independent and flexible customer service centers are the most efficient
Our survey results show that effective customer service centers are independent units within the organization. They can achieve operational excellence in an optimized way. What are the secrets of the most effective contact centers? Our study answers this question.

4. Regional and industry differences
Central Europe has the second highest average customer satisfaction but significantly lower employee satisfaction. The Western European region had the lowest satisfaction scores (for both customer and employee satisfaction). This region is primarily focused on improving customer satisfaction and automation capabilities. Overall, all industries in the report are more focused on improving digital capabilities than more traditional channels.

If you would like to learn more about the topic, download the Survey results here, or read our press release (Hungarian) here.


Customer Service Excellence Survey 2022

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