Risk services


Risk services

Deloitte's risk management service line helps in managing risks and uncertainties within a company's entire organisation, from its directorate to its employee network.

The comprehensive services provided by our experts facilitate a more reliable and efficient measurement of risks for our clients, and improve the reliability of the systems and procedures within the entire organisation.

Governance, regulatory & risk

New risks continuously emerge, even as existing risks become more complex. In response to a number of recent risk events, governance requirements are being established in more jurisdictions and industries. Increasingly, management recognizes that the ability to effectively manage, mitigate, and monitor risk is a source of competitive advantage.

The Governance, Regulatory, & Risk (GR&R) practices of Deloitte member firms provide consultative services to executives and boards. GR&R services are designed to help create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis. The practices combine the talent, knowledge, and service delivery of numerous skilled professionals with years of industry experience.

Deloitte member firms work with organizations to develop sustainable governance, compliance, and risk management programs by helping them identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks. GR&R also assists in the implementation of technology solutions that enable organizations to meet compliance requirements and to identify new and emerging risks and opportunities. Additionally, GR&R supports the coordination and utilization of people, processes, and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.

GR&R services encompass a wide spectrum of offerings that can be directed to the specific needs of an organization. Client engagements range from narrowly defined and tactical deliverables to broad-ranging and longer-term strategic programs. Services are delivered within business and regulatory requirements of particular industry sectors, such as financial services; energy and resources; health sciences; technology, media, and telecommunications; and consumer and industrial products.

Our Governance, Regulatory & Risk services:

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Controls transformation & assurance

n an environment of escalating IT security threats, technology outages, data integrity and quality issues, corporate governance concerns and privacy mandates, organizations need to be sure of the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their information and underlying systems. This requires information systems that are properly deployed, monitored and controlled.

Leveraging its global network and in-depth industry knowledge, Deloitte member firms assist organizations with mitigating the risks associated with internal systems, business processes, projects, applications, data and third party reliance. Integrated information and controls assurance services including Internal Audit, Information and Controls Assurance, Contract Risk and Compliance, and Sustainability and Climate Change Risk Services.

Our Controls Transformation & Assurance services:

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Cyber risk services

Our Cyber Risk Services group is designed to provide practical support to our clients in the region and internationally. Our professionals serve clients in all aspects of IT security. 

Our services:

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Sustainability and climate change

Deloitte Environmental servicesThrough our sustainability and climate change services we assist our clients in meeting environmental and sustainability challenges posed by modern society and economy and in successfully fulfilling their obligations associated with Hungary’s membership in the European Union; in addition, we prevent their faulty environmental decisions from jeopardizing their business objectives, reputation and achievements.

The comprehensive knowledge of our environmental consultants on operational and development related matters for both the companies and the public sector, gives us an important edge over other international consultancy firms. We offer our clients the following services:

  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Corporate Sustainability/CSR Reports
  • Environmental and Closure Provision Audit
  • Greenhouse gas emission strategy
  • Verification of Corporate Annual Reports on the Emission of Greenhouse Gases
  • Environmental Assessment, Review, Performance Evaluation and Audits
  • Performance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC)
  • Assitance to environmental and energy development projects funded by EU funds
  • Integrated report