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All this week on wsj.com, Deloitte is sharing insights and analysis on how the C-suite is navigating the opportunities and complexities of cloud technologies. The headlines are below. Also, under DELOITTE INSIGHTS CLOUD RESEARCH & INSIGHTS, you will find in-depth reports on the topic.

The societal impact of cloud

CIO Journal; November 14, 2018

The cloud’s effect within the business world may be relatively clear, but its impact on society is just starting to be understood. Leaders have a responsibility to recognize the implications and help ensure they are addressed. >

Disaster recovery in the cloud era

Risk & Compliance Journal; November 14, 2018

Protecting cloud-based data from natural disasters and other risk events may be helped by asking the right questions of cloud service providers. >

Why cloud is on the board’s agenda

CFO Journal; November 13, 2018

Once viewed primarily as a tool for cutting IT costs, cloud technology is now a strategic driver and enabler of business performance and shareholder returns. >

Weekly global economic update

November 13, 2018

Includes updates on the impact of the US midterm elections, Bank of Japan hinting at a change in monetary policy, and the outlook for growth in the global manufacturing industry. >

Using the cloud to transform risk management

Risk & Compliance Journal; November 12, 2018

Adopting new technologies, such as the cloud, can help executives kick-start the process of modernizing the risk management function and provide greater insights for protecting their organizations. >

Cloud, AI help CMOs tailor customer experience, better manage data

CMO Today; November 12, 2018

Cloud-based cognitive technologies and advanced analytics can help marketers more effectively engage customers. >

From IPO to global scale with the cloud: Scott Davidson, COO and CFO of Hortonworks

CFO Journal; November 12, 2018

Scott Davidson discusses the benefits of having the dual roles of COO and CFO, and the trends he sees in companies’ use of the cloud. >

The next frontier for cloud: Business innovation

All C-suite Journals; November 11, 2018

Now that cloud technology is a standard part of the computing landscape for most organizations, differentiation depends on looking beyond costs and using it to foster business innovation. >

The state of cloud adoption

CIO Journal; November 11, 2018

Businesses continue to be bullish on cloud computing despite numerous challenges and concerns. >