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Weekly global economic update

July 16, 2019

Includes updates on the prospect of interest rate cuts in the US, the impact of trade conflict on China and its neighbors, and the latest on US trading relations with Europe and China. >

Tyson Foods’ appetite for data is customer-driven

CMO Today; July 15, 2019

Digital tools are helping the company gather actionable insights to predict consumer preferences and behaviors. >

The new deals: The changing state of M&A activity

Risk & Compliance Journal; July 15, 2019

M&A activity soared close to record levels last year, despite a late year drop. But in 2019, headwinds are reshaping which deals are getting done, and why. >

Securing a board seat: Charles Holley, CFO-in-residence

CFO Journal; July 14, 2019

Practical advice for CFOs interested in joining a board after retirement from former CFO and current board member Charles Holley. >

Cyber incidents and breaches: The data dilemma

CIO Journal; July 11, 2019

Cybercrime is now a fact of life in the business world, and enterprises are paying a heavy price. The current imperative: strategizing new ways to build resilience. >

Balancing act: Managing stakeholder groups in capital-allocation decisions

CFO Insights; July 11, 2019

How finance executives can leverage the views of different stakeholders to sharpen their approach to allocating capital—and emerge with not only a stronger balance sheet, but also a much-improved capital-allocation process. >

How to be boardroom ready

CMO Today; July 10, 2019

With their deep understanding of customer and market trends, CMOs can be well suited to serve on a board—if they prepare for the opportunity. >