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Salesforce CIO on scaling IT to support rapid growth

CIO Journal; October 21, 2018

Jo-ann Olsovsky discusses strategies for supporting fast-paced organizational growth, innovating in IT, and hiring top tech talent. >

What young millennials want from banks

CMO Today; October 21, 2018

Millennials just entering the job market have many financial questions and few places to find answers. Understanding these customers is a critical step toward cultivating long-term relationships with them. >

Extended enterprise risk – Managing exposure beyond the organization

CFO Insights; October 18, 2018

The latest issue of CFO Insights describes three important areas of innovation – emerging technologies, cooperative relationships, and organization and governance models – that leading companies are pursuing to reset the front line of defense. >

Robotic process automation in health care can improve outcomes for all

CIO Journal; October 17, 2018

Robotic process automation can help health care and life sciences organizations to manage and analyze vast quantities of data, delivering several advantages along the way. >

Financial reporting implications of disasters: 2018 update

CFO Journal; October 16, 2018

In addition to responding to employee needs during and after a disaster, businesses may have to address several financial reporting concerns related to property damage, business disruption, and even finite-lived intangibles. >

Five growth plays for CMOs

CMO Today; October 16, 2018

How can CMOs shift their focus from notching short-term gains to driving long-term growth? A handful of strategies can help marketers adopt a more expansive approach to their roles. >

Weekly global economic update

October 16, 2018

Includes an update on declines in global equity prices, China easing its monetary policy, Brexit fears in the UK, and accelerating inflation in Mexico. >

Heading off risks with predictive risk intelligence

Risk & Compliance Journal; October 15, 2018

Across industries, stakeholders expect risk monitoring to provide intelligence that supports strategic decision-making. Predictive risk intelligence could help solve many of the more complex challenges. >