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World Economic Forum to open amid uncertainty, possibilities

CFO Journal; January 17, 2019

The challenges of the world economy and the possibilities of Industry 4.0 create an opportunity to shape the future of business and society. >

Lease accounting: Six questions for CFOs

CFO Journal; January 16, 2019

Technology concerns, the lease abstraction process, and the tug between centralized, and decentralized lease accounting administration are some of the finance function considerations. >

Use data, advanced targeting to optimize ad performance

CMO Today; January 16, 2019

For its recent brand advertising campaign, Deloitte’s marketing organization leveraged AI-powered personalization and other data-driven strategies to improve audience engagement. >

Weekly global economic update

January 15, 2019

Includes updates on a shift in Federal Reserve thinking, global trade, and the implications of a low US birth rate. >

The Future of Mobility in China: Why it matters to multinationals

CFO Journal; January 14, 2019

The accelerated development of the Future of Mobility (FOM) in China has wide-ranging implications for multinational companies across sectors. By asking key strategic questions, CFOs can help their companies prepare for the FOM market. >

2019 life sciences industry outlook

CIO Journal; January 14, 2019

Life sciences companies are likely to grow more efficient, nimble, and customer-focused in the year ahead, shaped by four key industry developments. >

New rules target supply chain risks to the power grid

Risk & Compliance Journal; January 14, 2019

FERC’s new cybersecurity rules will require companies to manage contract coordination across multiple departments, including procurement, legal, operations, and IT, into a common program that includes cyber risk oversight. >

Digital upgrades may turbocharge car buying

CMO Today; January 13, 2019

Consumers increasingly begin the auto purchase process online, but they typically prefer to complete transactions in person. The right tech investments can help dealers and car manufacturers get more out of both experiences. >

Can business models contribute to higher GDP?

Risk & Compliance Journal; January 13, 2019

Deloitte researchers observed that countries that support technology-based business models without ignoring more traditional models have positive GDP growth. >