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Managing costs to spur digital growth: Global survey

CFO Journal; May 21, 2019

Deloitte’s 2019 global cost survey finds digital tools playing a starring role as cost management focuses on growth and transformation. >

Weekly global economic update

May 21, 2019

Includes updates on potential next steps of the trade war, China’s slowing economy, and accelerating inflation in the eurozone. >

Actions CFOs can take now in a shifting economy

CFO Journal; May 19, 2019

Although macroeconomic growth is still strong, CFOs should consider preparations for downward shifts in the year ahead. >

Freddie Mac CEO: Leading through disruption

Risk & Compliance Journal; May 19, 2019

According to Freddie Mac CEO Don Layton, turning around an underperforming financial services business takes leadership in both financial and organizational transformation. >

Tech and the board: The art of engagement

CIO Journal; May 16, 2019

Continual dialogue between board directors and CIOs can position technology more effectively on the board’s agenda and provide tailored education and awareness programs. >

With big data, think micro insights at scale

CIO Journal; May 15, 2019

Getting big value out of big data is often a matter of making micro insights accessible and actionable for employees throughout the enterprise. >

Is your company ready to move ‘beyond marketing’?

CMO Today; May 15, 2019

As CMOs look to forge more meaningful relationships with their customers, they may find it useful to bring some previously outsourced practices back in-house. >