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Weekly global economic update

March 26, 2019

Includes updates on the Brexit extension, the Federal Reserve’s impact on global financial markets, and accelerating productivity in the US. >

Cetera CFO Jeffrey Buchheister: From bankruptcy to strategy

CFO Journal; March 24, 2019

Turning around a company, while challenging, can provide opportunities to shape a new strategy and transform the business. >

Listen up: Smart speakers poised for global growth

CMO Today; March 21, 2019

The smart speaker market has vast potential, but a wider range of applications and improved accuracy may be critical to the industry’s growth. >

Next on the menu: Digital disruption for restaurants

CMO Today; March 20, 2019

New services and platforms may require restaurant operators to re-examine the way they deliver great guest experiences. >

A board director’s perspective: Mellody Hobson

Risk & Compliance Journal; March 19, 2019

Good boards try to see around corners. That’s part of their job. That doesn’t mean they can be sure of the answer, but they try to anticipate. >

Who’s the boss? Defining CIO, digital leader responsibilities

CIO Journal; March 19, 2019

When a leader other than the CIO shepherds the organization’s digital transformation, the responsibilities of both roles should be clearly
delineated. >

Bridging the finance talent gap

CFO Journal; March 19, 2019

In the not-too-distant future, CFOs will be overseeing vastly different finance departments—both in terms of who will be doing the work and how that work will get done. >

Creating relevant content starts with data, insights

CMO Today; March 19, 2019

Insights gleaned from a variety of data points can help marketers solve brand challenges and increase audience engagement. >