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International / Multi Culture

At Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, we welcome international members with new perspectives, and ideas. We promote various initiatives for our International Members to grow and empower, by changing language and culture differences as "bridges" instead of "walls".

Initiatives for International Members

Orientation for International Members

We provide orientation sessions to learn about Life in Japan, Japanese business customs, corporate culture, etc. to international members who do not have a lot of experience living or working in Japan.

Rules and Training Material in English

We have been working to improve the working environment for international members by making the various corporate rules and regulations, and training material available in English.

Building an International Ambassador’s Network

The Employee Resource Group for international members has been utilized as an opportunity to identify challenges, share ideas for solutions, and network.

International Networking Party

Our regular networking parties have been helping international members to share information or challenges related to working and living in Japan, and to interact with Japanese members.

Lunch Learning Session related to the Religion of Islam

We learn and discuss basic knowledge of Muslims, what kind of understanding and consideration are required for Muslims to live in Japan, the freedom of religion, understanding of the environment, etc. over halal lunch.

Prayer Room

Prayer rooms have been set up for members of various religions.

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