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Supporting our nonnative community

At Deloitte Japan, our highly professional and ambitious nonnative professionals are channeling their language abilities and cultural differences into strengths, which is having an important impact on clients as well as colleagues. Here are some of the initiatives aimed at our nonnative community.

Language support

Japanese is a notoriously difficult language which may take years and even decades to master. Our professionals range from total beginners to near native, so we have put in place the following measures.

Bilingualization of e-mails and internal IT systems: by now, the majority of e-mails sent out from the CEO office, the Board, and important IT-related messages are sent out in both English and Japanese. In time we aim to make these 100% bilingual.    

Japanese class: some member businesses offer in-house Japanese classes, and/or nonnative employees receive financial support to attend external classes.


Making friends while working is not always easy, and it can be hard being the only non-Japanese in sight. So, we are organizing events and enabling an atmosphere where nonnative professionals can get to know each other and let off some steam. These events are also a great opportunity for our Japanese professionals to make nonnative friends and speak English, it’s a win-win situation.

Nonnative networking party: starting from January 2016 we’ve been holding networking parties approximately every 6 months. The parties are held at an internal facility, and include free drinks and a walking dinner for attendees. We have been able to attract between 50 and 100 participants per party so far, a nice mix of native and nonnative professionals.

Nonnative Yammer group: starting from 0 in January 2016, this internal Yammer group has grown organically to almost 500 participants in 1 year. We use this Yammer group to post updates and invitations to parties, and professionals are encouraged to post questions and any information they think is useful for other nonnative professionals.

ERG (Employee Resource Group) of French speakers: started by a native French professional in Audit, this group aims to connect all French speakers in the company. The members are native speakers as well as professionals who have French as their 2nd or even 3rd language and who want to keep on practicing. Members regularly meet for lunch or after work to talk.

ERG of Spanish speakers: started by a native Spanish speaker in Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC, this group aims to connect all Spanish speakers in the company. This ERG was launched in January 2017.

English lunch: nonnative professionals donate their lunchtime to talk to native professionals who want to improve their English conversational skills. This is a great way to make native friends as well as help colleagues improve their English skills.


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