Internal Auditing for Foreign Subsidiaries

Any illegal act or misconduct in any foreign subsidiary may significantly impair the reputation or brand of the parent company. It is important for the company developing consolidated management globally to monitor the corporate governance and risk management systems functioning effectively in its foreign subsidiaries through internal auditing.

Internal Auditing of Foreign Subsidiaries Is Becoming Increasingly Important

In recent years, consolidated management has been increasingly important to the group companies trying to enhance their corporate value as a whole. In addition, many Japanese companies are developing cross-border group management on a global scale.

Any loss caused in a foreign subsidiary which is difficult to control from the parent company located in Japan may tend to grow enormously, and any overseas illegal act or misconduct may have a serious negative impact on the reputation or brand of the parent company. Therefore, the company developing consolidated management globally needs to check whether the corporate governance and risk management systems of its foreign subsidiaries are functioning effectively through internal auditing.  

However, many Japanese companies have not succeeded in complete internal auditing of their foreign subsidiaries in fact. This is because they do not have professional staff specialized in internal auditing of foreign subsidiaries; legal systems, cultures and customs differ from country to country; they are hampered by a language barrier, and so on.

Deloitte Japan smoothly helps companies with their internal auditing in every location of the world based on a wealth of experience accumulated globally.

Advantages of Deloitte Japan in Internal Auditing of Foreign Subsidiaries

Wealth of experience in various parts of the world

We have been supporting Japanese companies of various sectors with internal auditing in various parts of the world. Building on our proven track record and extensive experience, we will provide effective and efficient services. 

Group of Experts in Diverse Areas

We organize a variety of industry groups, each of which is composed of professionals having deep expertise unique to each industry. Our experts cover a variety of internal audits including corporate governance, risk management, compliance and information security, in addition to financial reporting and internal control. This results in offering you concrete and practical advice for improvement activities against the problems detected through internal auditing as well. 

Diverse Internal Audits Covered by Our Deep Expertise

• Operations Processes for Sales, Purchase, Stocks and Others
• IT Controls
• IFRS and Other Accounting Standards Unique to Each Country
• Laws and Regulations in Each Country
• Anti-Fraud Programs
• Management Accounting and Performance Management

Global Network of Professionals

As a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), we have a robust global network. By taking full advantage of this network, we will offer you necessary human resources with accumulated expertise and experience to fulfill the mission of internal auditing from local bilingual professionals in various locations in the world.