J.League Management Cup 2018

Ranking of J.League club teams by business management

Based on the publicly available financial information of J.League club teams for 2018, the report quantifies their business management from four perspectives of marketing, efficiency, management, and finance.

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In the 2018 season, the J.League celebrated the momentous occasion of the 25th anniversary since its founding.

On the competitive side, the world-class player Iniesta's participation in the J.League attracted considerable attention, and J.League clubs won two consecutive titles in the AFC Champions League, making it a newsworthy season befitting of this milestone. On the business side, the number of registered J.League IDs promoted by the League, which provide all-in-one access to League services, exceeded one million. A door to a new age of digital marketing has opened, and J.League has confidently declared that it will raise its social value moving forward through the concept of "social collaboration".

Regarding the League management, the supply of additional prize money started in the 2018 season, and the League clarified its goal of breaking free of the convoy system (sheltering weaker clubs). Friday Night J.League has also started, a promotion to acquire new customers who do not have chances to watch J.League matches over the weekend. It is evident that the League is undergoing a great business shift.

To help the league connect its many years of experience to sustainable growth moving forward, Deloitte Tohmatsu Sports Business Group has ranked the business management (BM) of every club in the League in the fifth edition of this report, J.League Management Cup 2018.



Rank Club Overall points Marketing Efficiency Management Finance
1 Kawasaki-F 171 52 21 58 40
2 Kashima 169 44 18 60 47
3 Urawa 149 43 23 52 31
4 G-Osaka 144 47 25 44 28
5 Nagoya 143 49 18 41 35



Rank Club Overall points Marketing Efficiency Management Finance
1 Matsumoto 204 70 27 53 54
2 Chiba 190 67 22 52 49
3 Yamaguchi 188 64 32 65 27
4 FC Gifu 166 43 27 49 47
5 Tochigi 165 36 24 60 45



Rank Club Overall points Marketing Efficiency Management Finance
1 Kitakyushu 129 51 15 31 31
2 Sagamihara 124 36 22 49 17
3 Kagoshima 113 37 16 35 25
4 Tottori 112 33 21 40 18
5 FC Ryukyu 109 28 14 39 28



Full text of the report [PDF]

The full text of the J.League Management Cup 2018 can be downloaded from here.

J.League Management Cup 2018 [PDF, 7.4MB]

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