Introduction to Risk Advisory Services for Financial Services Industry

Taking on new businesses and risks beyond conventional risk management

The Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Risk Advisory practice will help you to achieve sustainable growth by offering a range of support services required by financial business operators in order to take risks appropriately and respond accurately to management issues.

Repeated natural disasters and the current pandemic have changed the world dramatically.
Financial services, which used to serve "customers" who were driven by globalization and the pursuit to maximize profit and efficiency, are now expected to contribute to “society” in order to protect the global environment and human life.
The topics to which financial industries are expected to contribute, including ESG finance, regional revitalization, supply chain resilience, digitization of public administration, and economic security of financial infrastructures, are wide-ranging and some of them are even quite far from the conventional definition of financial business.
While financial industries will continue to diversify finance functions and provide speed and convenience, there is a possibility that they will shift their focus from “financial assets” to “information” based on the trust and confidence that they have built up thus far.
The challenges and risk-taking to meet these expectations must be undertaken systematically, with the support of advanced governance and cutting-edge technologies.

The Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Risk Advisory practice will help you to achieve sustainable growth by providing a wide range of support services that contribute to the transformation of financial business operators.
By helping ensure the sound performance of the socially essential function of finance, we strive in our daily practice to contribute to society and serve as the most trustworthy advisors in this field.

Developing new business, controlling associated risks, expanding or protecting your business - No matter what kinds of challenges you are facing, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s risk advisory services can work to your advantage.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Risk Advisory


  • Governance/Internal management frameworks
  • Risk management
  • Digital transformation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Valuation and quantification based on financial mathematics 
  • Entry into new markets

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