Japanese Services Group (JSG) 

Established as a special-purpose business group to address the unique needs of Japanese companies operating overseas, the Japanese Services Group (JSG) is a global network centered around the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group and boasts a long history and successful track record of over 45 years.

Global JSG Leader's Message

As a transformation partner of Japanese companies

The Japanese Services Group was founded in 1975 to support business foundation establishment and growth in Japanese companies expanding overseas. Since then, Deloitte members from Japan as well as members from around the world have worked together to deliver services to our clients.

The environment surrounding Japanese companies is changing dramatically in the face of issues concerning climate change, geopolitics, and Japan’s international competitiveness. Conventional wisdom and ways of doing things no longer apply in an increasing number of cases. In other words, if Japanese companies are to achieve sustainable growth in overseas markets going forward, it is critical that they transform themselves in various areas.

The Japanese Services Group is committed to helping Japanese companies transform their overseas operations, tapping into the Deloitte Global Network’s front-line knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields as well as our relationships in various regions and countries.

Global JSG Leader, Koji Miwa


Japanese Services Group : JSG

We support your overseas business from the perspective of both the Japanese head offices and overseas subsidiaries

The Japanese Services Group (“JSG”) was launched in 1975 as a professional group dedicated to addressing the unique needs of Japanese companies expanding their business overseas. Since its launch, we have been working to provide multifaceted and comprehensive support to help our clients address the increasingly complex and advanced business challenges faced by Japanese companies.

When expanding business overseas, companies must have many different perspectives to consider environmental changes and various types of risks that impact business in both Japan and overseas. Japanese head offices responsible for making decisions must also have sufficient knowledge about overseas finance, tax, labor, legal affairs, and local systems and customs. Furthermore, smooth communication between Japanese head offices and overseas subsidiaries is essential for a business’s global advancement and sustainable growth.

JSG uses the best possible combination of Deloitte resources such as its network, expertise, industry knowledge, and Japanese-speaking bilingual professionals to support our Japanese client companies in operating their business both in Japan and around the world.

  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Group is the core of Japanese Services Group (“JSG”).
  • JSG is a global organization holding over 1,350 professionals fluent or bilingual in Japanese, including expatriates from Japan. Its members also consist of specialists in various fields who are well versed in Japanese business practices and culture, enabling it to provide Japanese companies with the highest level of service.

Service contents and characteristics

Global coverage

  • Japanese Services Group (“JSG”) provides global support for Japanese companies in cooperation with Deloitte Tohmatsu Group (Japan) and Deloitte member firms in various countries.
  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Group is one of Deloitte’s core members, and JSG has the framework in place that allows it to make full use of Deloitte’s global network.

Close and strong relationships with overseas subsidiary management

  • Through its long history of providing services, JSG has built long-term, solid relationships with the management of locally incorporated companies of Japanese companies. JSG works with Deloitte Tohmatsu Group to address the needs of management for both Japanese head offices and overseas subsidiaries.

Comprehensive service not limited to specific services

  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Group consists of firms that provide services for each of the areas of Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Tax & Legal.
    JSG is an organization spanning these business entities, with its strength being the ability to seamlessly provide multiple services tailored to the characteristics of the clients and applicable laws and regulations of the country where the client is operating its overseas business.

Tailor-made services that pay mind to Japanese business practices and culture

  • In addition to our extensive Japanese-language bilingual professional resources, we also have professionals well versed in Japanese business practices, enabling us to provide services with a strong commitment to Japanese companies.


Overview of services offered

Audit & Assurance

  • Accounting audit
    Financial statement audits, Internal control audits, IFRS adoption support, IPO advisory services
  • Advisory
    Accounting standard application advisory services, Settlement procedure advisory services, Business assurance services


  • Strategy, analytics, M&A
    Monitor Deloitte (Strategy), Analytics & Cognitive technologies, M&A
  • Customer marketing Core business operations
    Customer design, Advertising/marketing/e-commerce branding, Digital customer operational transformation, Industry solutions, System engineering, Cloud engineering
  • Human capital
    HR function transformation, Organization transformation, Workforce transformation
  • Enterprise technology and performance
    Technology strategy and transformation, SAP, Oracle, Finance performance, Supply chain/network operations

Financial Advisory

  • M&A
    M&A advisory services, M&A strategy, M&A transaction preparation, Due diligence, Intellectual property advisory services, Business succession support
  • Forensics & crisis management
    Fraud investigation support, Crisis response management, Forensics surveys, Fraud risk management, Regulatory risk management, Information leak management
  • Turn-around & restructuring
    Turn-around, Revitalization transactions, Value creation, Overseas business restructuring
  • Infrastructure and public sector advisory
    Infrastructure procurement advisory services, Infrastructure investment advisory services, Capital project advisory services

Risk Advisory

  • Accounting & internal controls
    Accounting/financial reporting, Internal auditing, Internal controls, System risk, Digital governance
  • Cyber
    Cyber strategy design, Global security governance, Security operations centers (CICs), Compliance with cyber security regulations, Personal information protection
  • Strategic risk
    Strategic risk, Global governance, Crisis management (BCPs), Sustainability, Third party risk management
  • Regulatory
    Regulatory & compliance support, Financial regulation compliance support, Financial crime (anti-money laundering)

Tax & Legal

  • Tax
    International tax services, M&A services, Transfer pricing services, Indirect tax services, Global employer services, Business tax services, Family consulting services, Outsourcing, Immigration services
  • Legal
    Corporate legal affairs/crisis management, M&A, reorganizations, HR/labor, Finance, Intellectual property
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