Enter the New Era of Startup & Technology Sensing

Through TechHarbor™, Deloitte can see beyond the general perception of the industry, detecting the emergence of new startups and identify the new technologies to disrupt the industry

“The world is moving, and a company that contents itself with present accomplishments soon falls behind.” The 19th Century adage rings true in the present and if corporations do not properly track emerging disruptive technologies, they will fall behind. However, corporations often struggle to constantly monitor the multitude of new technologies.

 TechHarbor™ addresses this challenge, delivering insights on technology trends and identifying promising startups in quick snapshot reports, ensuring you can make informed decisions ahead of the competition.

What is TechHarbor™?

TechHarbor™ is a proprietary tool developed by
Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (Deloitte) to observe the evolution of startups and
venture capital investments to identify trends in disruptive technologies.

TechHarbor™ offers  the up-to-date data on more than
millions of companies, fundings and investors located globally  categorized by technology and industry specialization developed by Deloitte. This allows Deloitte to quickly identify new startups to introduce to their clients, ensuring that you are aware of the major players in the disruptive technology of their interest before their competitors.

Unique Deloitte Offering
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TechHarbor™ Offerings: FAST & R3

TechHarbor™ offersthe following innovative offerings to ensure you remain ahead of the competition:

F.A.S.T. delivers a snapshot of a particular disruptive technology, supported
by insightful analysis on select startups based on a scope outlined by the client,
delivered quickly in comparison to traditional consulting and at a reasonable price.

Rapid Recurring Report (aka R3) isa new addition to help you closely monitor your ecosystems and companies of interest. Rather than rely on a single snapshot report, R3 offers several FAST reports based on your customized scope.

New TechHarbor-powered offerings
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How does Deloitte deliver their services?

TechHarbor™ delivers premium insights by combining Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting methodologies and expertise with a high-performance engine for optimized search, analysis & insight creation. Through this combination, Deloitte is able to offer customized reports with in-depth analysis to meet your specific needs and interests.

TechHarbor™’s Advantages

  • TechHarbor™ collaborates with major data providers to retrieve data on millions of companies, investors located globally and investment rounds that is updated daily
  • The TechHarbor™ team curates the data, assessing its quality and categorizing startups and investors by industry and technology through their original classification system to monitor the evolution of key technologies over time
  • The TechHarbor™ team has also created their own assessment system to assess the potential match of startups, thereby highlighting the startups you should monitor


Data-Driven Intelligence
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Global Open Innovation

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Stefan Petrovski

Stefan Petrovski

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