Enabling Global Open Innovation

TechHarbor: sensing & analyzing exponential technologies and startups to foster a new wave of strategic innovation

Exponential Technologies such as AI, IoT and robotics are disrupting the corporate world in ways not anticipated before. Over the past years, enterprise growth has become significantly dependent on collaboration with cutting-edge startups', rapidly developing in innovation hubs such as the Silicon Valley or Israel. The ability to harness and transform these technologies into growing businesses, greatly differentiates corporate value in today's economy. Nevertheless, many Japanese and global firms have been unable to keep up with this trend. According to a Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting survey, 75% of companies are not undertaking modern efforts to foster disruptive innovation.

Global Open Innovation

Global Open Innovation Services

By leveraging a global network of experts and our data platform “TechHarbor”, Deloitte delivers a comprehensive Open Innovation service line to help large corporations adapt to the latest trends and generate new business opportunities.

At the forefront of global innovation, Deloitte has continuously developed its offering into cutting-edge solutions to leave-up to that commitment, and deliver the most advanced vision and support tailored to specific needs.

Deloitte supports Open Innovation on a global scale

“TechHarbor” data platform is the engine behind innovation services

Though a vast amount of information on startups and technologies is currently available, gathering accurately, on a global scale, up-to-date data and insights remained until now a major roadblock to innovation strategy design of companies.

The alliance of the Deloitte Group located in 150+ countries with VC firms, universities, and startup database providers (Crunchbase, IVC, Tech in Asia) unlocked the ability to provide reporting of up-to-date, vouched by experts and analyzed insights like never before.

TechHarbor enables the retrieval and analysis of the latest startups and technology trends worldwide, in various formats, to ensure the utmost level of quality in the delivery of Sensing, Scanning and Scouting services.

By leveraging TechHarbor for strengthening the intelligence depth, or strategic planning of new businesses, we not only allow customers access to reliable information, but enhance their capabilities to identify disruptions early and deepen their understanding of technological evolutions in the world.

Access to the latest startups information becomes a reality with TechHarbor

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