Support for creating new business ideas

We support open innovation by combining corporations and startups’ technologies and ideas to create new value.

Definition and significance of Open Innovation

Open innovation is a management method that combines internal and external ideas and technologies to create new value for all parties. Traditionally, Japanese corporations have focused on developing new ideas and technologies within their companies. However, corporations all over the world are struggling to keep up with lean, disruptive startups and rapidly shifting markets. Tohmatsu Venture Support is committed to ensuring our clients’ growth and success by creating agile startup-type business units that create meaningful value.

The concept of open innovation, exploiting external ideas and technologies to develop new business ideas internally, is of paramount importance for companies that operate in today's harsh business environment. 

Points for promoting open innovation

In order to promote a strong open innovation culture within a company, human resources, information networks, and the corporate structure must all commit themselves to being as open as possible.

1. Organization culture

Top management has to commit to creating an open innovation culture throughout the company.

• Holding business startup events

• Holding open innovation seminars

2. Human resources

The HR division must train staff in the qualities, attitudes and actions necessary to create new business ideas, and ensure those in charge of these projects are well-motivated.

• Entrepreneur Human Resources Development Consulting

• Establish personnel systems for new business

3. Information Networks

To actively promote innovation, businesses need to create systems that gather the latest state-of-the-art information on technologies and business model trends.

  • Study the latest technology
  • Construct an alliance system with Startups

4. Corporate structure

Create a corporate structure that actively invests in collaborations with seed-stage startups and thoroughly reviews any new business idea or technology for all commercial opportunities. The structure must setup systems to assess potential alliances, joint projects and their associated risk to help ensure a successful project outcome.

• Establish an internal Startup system

• Establish a Corporate Venture Capital

• Build a business evaluation system

Open Innovation Method