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Audit & Assurance solutions for your organization

Meeting your expectations is where our Audit & Assurance services begins. We believe in a constantly evolving audit and assurance process, leveraging leading-edge technology to deliver high-quality services in an efficient and effective way that drives value by focusing on what really matters. As a trusted advisor, Deloitte connects these elements and creating an impact for your organization.

Challenges an organization has to cope with

As the external environment continues to change, the expectations of the audit function simultaneously increases. The growing amount of data and the increased complexity of regulations surrounding this data makes staying in control even harder. That is why business leaders, regulators and other stakeholders are seeking more assurance on the controls within an organization.

Today's technology enables us to reduce your administrative burden, prevent surprises, focus on audit quality, and deliver greater value by becoming increasingly agile through smart automation. 

Hosting a comprehensive planning process or transition lab
Hosting a comprehensive planning process or transition lab leads to the design of a process that addresses key issues and determines a suitable timing for the client's business, teams, and audit committee. A transition lab also helps determine the desired mix of technologies to deploy, based on the state of your company's data, industry, and regulatory factors.

Enabling visibility, transparency, and information sharing
Deloitte Connect, a digital information sharing portal, enables visibility, transparancy and the digital exchange of information sharing. It improves efficiency, communication, and precision. It also aids decision-making by informing the right people of relevant details on time.

Remaining agile
As the audit progresses, our process remains agile and responsive to change. Implementing additional tools will further enhance and accelerate the issues resolution process, development and deployment of new analytics, and identification of process improvements for future audits.

Audit & Assurance market sectors

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