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About Audit & Assurance Financial Services 

One of the four market sectors

Within Deloite FS we focus on clients in the financial domain: Banks, Insurers, Pension Funds, Real Estate, Investment Structures and Asset Managers. Our diverse and international Financial Services teams and our global network are able to assist you with Financial Statements audits, Testing Internal Control Environment, performing regulatory audits and other assurance engagements. Deloitte's Audit FS group can draw on expertise and knowledge from our extensive global network and is equipped with all tools and skills to provide the most effective and efficient services to clients in the financial domain. We look forward to assisting you with any challenge you may face.

About Audit & Assurance Financial Services

Audit & Assurance FS consists of specialized teams that have a broad knowledge of the financial service industry. Therefore Audit FSI can help you meet your business goals, managing stakeholder expectations or compliance requirements. But most importantly we can assist you with maintaining in control. 

Within Audit & Assurance FS we will leverage our expertise and leading position in technology and innovation by incorporating data analytical techniques, Artificial Intelligence and an agile way of working to add value to the audit, as these techniques increase the efficiency and effectiveness of audit procedures. Applying these techniques rapidly identifies control failures and exceptions, allowing us to concentrate on how they have been responded to and resolved. This also allows us to focus on the significant attention areas and events that are applicable to your organization. Our approach is tailored to provide value and assurance, rather than being a compliance exercise.

These 5 key strengths set us apart

Our core business

Audit & Assurance FS's core business is the audit of financial statements of clients in the financial services industry. However, we do not limit ourselves to only this service and can also assist you with a wider range of services in the Audit & Assurance domain. Our audits are tailored in such a way that we will detect internal control deficiencies, identify new compliance requirement and assist you with overcoming challenges that you may encounter. We look forward to working together with you and to showcase our expertise while assisting you in meeting your business goals. 


If you are interested in Audit & Assurance within Deloitte FS, please reach out to Aad den Hertog - Service Line Leader FSI & International, Jef Holland - Lead Real Estate, Hans de Witt - Lead Insurance, Michel Bouwens - Lead Investment Management, Marc van Luijk - Lead Pensions or Meryem Deniz - Lead Fintech.

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