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Our Multi-Disciplinary Model breeds best in class skillsets

Audit Multi-Disciplinary Model

Through our vast network, we connect many different disciplines within our Audit & Assurance practice, providing the expertise, broad perspective and inspiration that delivers breakthrough solutions.

A powerhouse of connections and knowledge

Society and our clients increasingly expect auditors to provide a more forward-looking view of the world and insights that add value as management boards seek to move their organizations forward effectively. Since the purpose of audit is to ensure that accounts reflect a company’s underlying performance, we believe audit should also review performance indicators that go beyond present  financial outcomes and profit; such as where a business is going, its impact on people and on the planet.

As the largest professional service firm in the world, we are a powerhouse of connections and available knowledge. Our people in consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and legal proactively share their insights and knowledge with their colleagues in audit & assurance. This ensures that our insights and perspectives are future proof and go beyond audit expertise.  Leaving no stone unturned, we also examine future themes – including climate change risk – and other commodity market trends and their impact on the audit.

What you can expext from us on our key strength Multi Disciplinary Model: 

  1. Auditors with a broad education and wider scope
  2. Access to our global expertise and networks
  3. Knowledge and expertise above and beyond traditional audits
  4. Auditors cultivated in an innovation greenhouse

How we connect multiple disciplines within our Audit & Assurance practice

Market sectors

Each market sector has a variety of solutions that contribute to our Multi-Disciplinary Model. Our services cover complex challenges, for example Internal Control, Audit Readiness or Finance Maturity. Our solutions are designed to result in ‘audit ready’ output.

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