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About Audit & Assurance Private

One of the four market sectors

At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Private, we recognize that every private company has unique opportunities, challenges, and plans for the future. Our experienced professionals, tailored private company audit methodology, and breadth of resources are focused on transforming your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.

About Audit & Assurance Private

Deloitte Audit & Assurance Private delivers audit & assurance services tailored for private companies, including family-owned businesses, closely held (non-family) businesses, private equity-backed companies, and venture-capital-backed businesses. We build teams that are proficient in private company matters, have an intimate up-to-date understanding of auditing standards for private companies, and can apply experience from working with private and public companies of various sizes.

Driven to address the opportunities and challenges unique to private businesses Deloitte’s approach for private companies transforms the obligation of an audit into a business opportunity. A Deloitte audit is not a compliance exercise. It focuses on risks—things that matter—and minimizes work on what is less relevant. A high-quality audit has to be transparent, customized, and integrated in order to deliver insights that inform intelligent, real-time decisions. Our Private Company Audit Methodology incorporates workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytic tools that enable us to offer valuable perspectives as we serve you now and as you grow.

A commitment to private companies

Our people are passionate about serving private companies. They are experienced professionals who have: 

  • Significant experience serving private companies
  • Diverse experience gained by serving companies of all types including pre-IPO and public companies of all sizes
  • Access to innovative auditing and evaluative tools
  • Deep knowledge of sustainability reporting (ESG)

A distinctive client service experience

Private companies are unique. Not only in structure and culture, but also in their ability to be nimble, show resiliency and support their communities, even when what lies ahead may be uncertain. Deloitte Audit & Assurance Private offers audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and risk and financial advisory services tailored to help private companies address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Our client service is distinguished by: 

A tailored approach to collaboration
Our team works to customize our service capabilities to each client’s
specific needs, size, and ownership structure. A single lead partner
coordinates one team, comprising audit & assurance, tax, consulting,
and risk & financial advisory professionals.

Technical abilities
The broad range of technical abilities among our professionals allows
us to address the complexity and find the right answer. 

Breadth and depth
Our collaborative approach brings the full breadth of our technical
and industry capabilities, along with access to the resources of a
global network. With more than 312,000 people worldwide, Deloitte
member firms deliver services in more than 150 countries. As clients
expand their global footprint, our scale helps to efficiently meet their
needs with local resources around the world.

These 5 key strengths set us apart

Our holistic approach delivers on 5 key strengths: an unexpected level of Quality, an open Culture that stimulates meaningful dialogue, a Multi-Disciplinary Model for nurturing inclusive thinking, upholding Responsibility for all we deliver and ­finally; being Digital and Technology driven to ensure that we are pushing ourselves to keep innovating.

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