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Guided by our sense of Responsibility 

Audit Responsibility

We are actively engaged in the society and drive to deliver a valuable societal contribution; we believe in doing the right thing.

Making an impact that matters

We expand our view beyond our material audit by adding ‘responsible’ to the stakeholder spectrum. Seeking the truth is at the core of our purpose and our people are focused on delivering this, day in day out. Acting in the public interest involves applying our social mandate, providing a realistic point of view and emphasizing what matters most. We help our clients to take responsibility for significant environmental and societal challenges and act as a catalyst to support necessary changes. Ultimately creating long term value and also holding ourselves accountable for making an impact that matters.

What you can expect from us on our key strength Responsibility: 

  1. Complete honesty: we say what needs to be said 
  2. We navigate you towards securing a sustainable position in society
  3. We are purposeful and purpose driven
  4. We actively play our role in the public debate on future themes

How we deliver a valuable societal contribution

Market sectors

Each market sector has a variety of solutions that contribute to our Responsibility compass. Our services cover complex challenges, for example Internal Control, Audit Readiness or Finance Maturity. Our solutions are designed to result in ‘audit ready’ output.

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