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About Audit & Assurance Public Sector 

One of the four market sectors

At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Public sector, we deliver high quality independent audits regarding public clients. Quality is the cornerstone of our approach; our deep technical expertise, the experience we draw upon across our global network, our technology focus and our commitment to continuously developing our auditors, support us in executing a consistent high-quality independent audit.

About Audit & Assurance Public Sector

Deloitte Audit & Assurance Public Sector is based on our vast experience in auditing public clients, broad network with the government and direct access to leading specialists in a wide range of fields of expertise such as; remuneration of the executive board (Wet Normering Topinkomen), public tenders (EU Aanbestedingswet 2012), Code of Governance and Risk services. 

We are in a perfect position to truly understand businesses in the increasingly complex and challenging public environment, and to perform high-quality, no-surprise audits. Our independent audit helps build trust and confidence and also adds value in advising public clients on topics and (future) developments to equip those Charged With Governance, investors and other stakeholders to make informed decisions based on meaningful information. Overall the position of Deloitte Public leads to adding value based on our extensive experience and participation in various internal and external workgroups like development of audit protocols in the public sector, accounting standards specific for public clients, sharing and discussing topics ons governmental developments, risk management and Code of conduct.

Different type of clients 

At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Public Sector, we focus on different types of clients in the segments of civil government, education, communities, healthcare and housing corporations. For every segment we have a center of excellence team that comprises experienced colleagues who share knowledge and regularly organize internal and external webinars to discuss and explain relevant topics in the public environment.

These 5 key strengths set us apart

Our holistic approach delivers on 5 key strengths: an unexpected level of Quality, an open Culture that stimulates meaningful dialogue, a Multi-Disciplinary Model for nurturing inclusive thinking, upholding Responsibility for all we deliver and ­finally; being Digital and Technology driven to ensure that we are pushing ourselves to keep innovating.


Due to the strict independence rules for audit clients in the Netherlands, our services to audit clients in the public domain are restricted audit and other assurance services. Our services focusses to continue innovation and invest in our audit products to ensure they meet the needs of stakeholders - today, and in future. In doing so we combine deep sector specialization with a breadth of subject matter skills and experience in each engagement. We combine the latest audit tools, technologies and agile processes and procedures to deliver high quality audits.

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