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Our level of Quality is beyond expected

Audit Quality 

In a world of increasing complexity, we deliver the undisputed Audit Quality that supports smart, trustworthy decision-making.

Achieving our level of Quality

To achieve our level of Quality, we build on our unparalleled track record; 175 years of industry experience and a unique commitment to keep learning and improving. Through thorough process management we safeguard an adequate and timely closing and audit process. Hence our audits are in full compliance with the applicable Standards on Auditing – executed with integrity and objectivity, driven by robust risk assessment, informed by a thorough understanding of our clients and their environment, providing both clarity and constructive challenge and adding value to our customers across the board.

Audit is an ­integral part of our financial reporting ecosystem, providing substantiated perspectives on a company's financial health. This ecosystem includes management, boards and those charged with governance, standard setters, auditors, and investors, each playing their part. We act in the public interest and nurture open, established relationships with regulators and building stronger connections for greater impact. As the world rapidly transforms, the quality standard of a Deloitte Audit has never been more essential.

Market sectors

Each market sector has a variety of solutions that contribute to our inclusive level of Quality. Our services cover complex challenges, for example Internal Control, Audit Readiness or Finance Maturity. Our solutions are designed to result in ‘audit ready’ output.

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