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About Audit & Assurance Listed

One of the four market sectors

At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Listed, we specialize in independent audits to listed clients with a large public exposure and responsibility. Quality is the cornerstone of our approach. Our deep technical expertise, the experience we draw upon across our global network, our technology focus and our commitment to continuously developing our auditors, support us in consistently executing high-quality audits.

About Audit & Assurance Listed

At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Listed, we focus on the listed segment: large and complex clients with great public exposure, as well as extensive reporting requirements. Based on our vast experience in auditing listed clients, our international network, and direct access to leading specialists in a wide range of fields of expertise (i.e., IFRS, ESG, corporate governance, valuation & modeling, pension accounting, tax accounting), we truly understand listed companies and the risks faced in the increasingly complex and challenging environment.

We continuously innovate and invest in our audit services and products to ensure they meet the needs of stakeholders - today, and in future. In doing so and, in every engagement, we combine deep specialized sector knowledge with a breadth of subject matter skills and experience. We combine the latest audit tools, technologies and agile processes and procedures to deliver a high-quality audit that fits your business needs.

Our independent audit should equip Those Charged With Governance, investors and other stakeholders to make better informed decisions based on meaningful information. Being a recognized global audit firm, Deloitte Audit & Assurance Listed focuses on clients with listings in the Netherlands and other major stock exchanges (e.g., U.S.). We have extensive experience in assisting clients in initial public offerings ('IPOs') and bond offerings, directly adding value to our clients. At Deloitte Audit & Assurance Listed, we are proactively engaging with a broad range of stakeholders – including policy makers, investors, company directors, audit committee chairs and other industry bodies – to ensure our audit and the corporate governance regime continues to evolve, meet the needs of society and to serve its purpose.


Deloitte Audit & Assurance Listed, services a broad range of listed companies and their subsidiaries in the Netherlands and internationally. We have strong industry credentials in the corporate landscape, with a focus on technology and consumer business industries. We can draw on a wide range of specialists and experts across our extensive global network.

These 5 key strengths set us apart

Our holistic approach delivers on 5 key strengths: an unexpected level of Quality, an open Culture that stimulates meaningful dialogue, a Multi-Disciplinary Model for nurturing inclusive thinking, upholding Responsibility for all we deliver and ­finally; being Digital and Technology driven to ensure that we are pushing ourselves to keep innovating.


Due to the strict independence rules for audit firms auditing listed clients in the Netherlands, our services are restricted to financial audits and other assurance services. Following the developments in the European market, assurance on Environmental, Social and Governance ('ESG') information is becoming ever more relevant and important to our clients. We work closely together with our specialists in this area to provide assurance on such information. Based on Dutch independence rules, we are allowed to provide audit services for a maximum of ten years. When not appointed as your external auditor, we can provide audit advisory services.


If you are interested in Audit & Assurance within Deloitte Listed, please reach out to Bas Savert - Partner in the Listed industry, Ingrid Buitendijk - Partner in the Media & Technology industry, Jasper de Bruin - Partner in the Energy & Resources industry or Marco van den Berg - Partner in the Consumer Business. 

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