Is your company IPO ready?


Is your company IPO ready? 

Taking your company public 

Have you ever wondered if your company is ready to go public? Taking your company public can seem like an arduous task. It's a complex and highly regulated process. Knowing the fundamental requirements and assessing your company's level of IPO readiness will help to identify areas of improvement and enable you to start planning for a successful IPO.

Ready to go public

Going public is when an unlisted company sells equity to the public for the first time. They allow the public to purchase stocks. This initial public offering (IPO) is an important event for an organization, as the public helps the company grow in raising capital.

Timing and planning are critical for creating a strong and thriving public company. An IPO readiness implementation will help your company to the next stage of maturity; tighter governance, a fresh perspective of your financial data and better internal control. Deloitte can support you in preparations for an IPO including an IPO readiness scan, IPO readiness support, advising in IFRS and preparing for due diligence and more.

Going public potentially provides benefits: 

  • Increased capital
  • Improved financial position
  • Increased market visibility 
  • Enhanced ability to raise capital in the future
  • Improved credibility with business partners 
  • Better ability to attract and retain personnel

How ready is your company to go public?

With the help of our free IPO Scanner tool, you will get useful insights on how ready your company is to go public. The tool will take you through some questions and based on the responses we will provide you with a tailored readiness score. For example, the report will give you an advise on your Equity story or Financial Reporting. 

Many companies start between 18 and 36 months before the anticipated IPO date, with an average time being 24 months in advance. Regardless of market conditions. 

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