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Are you ready to go public? 

Get your company's tailored readiness score

Ever wondered how ready you are to perform an IPO? We developed an easy and free scan to gain great insights. Foresight and preparation allows you to execute your IPO process on your terms when your organization is ready. Regardless of market conditions, many companies start between 18 and 36 months before the anticipated IPO date, with an average time being 24 months in advance. Therefore, timing is everything.

What is the IPO Scanner?

Useful insights 
The IPO Scan provides you with useful insights and identifies potential areas for improvement. Our knowledgeable team can address IPO considerations relevant to your organization in areas such as: Equity story, Dilligence & Working Capital, Financial Reporting, NL Risk & Controls and more. 

Tailored readiness score 
We provide you per area with a tailored readiness score based on the responses provided by you. For example, you get a result breakdown on your Equity story, points you should consider or what to focus on. 

Clear actions and path 
In the report we also provide a more detailed explanation of your self-assessment results by topic. This includes further commentary and best practice guidance, as well as drawing your attention to the specific areas where further work may be required. 

For who is the IPO scanner?

The IPO Scanner is an easy and free of charge tool for companies that want to know if they are ready to go public. This applies for scale up to bigger companies. The outcomes of the IPO Scanner are an indispensable part of your IPO process.

Why do I need an IPO Scan?

Early preparation for your IPO is the key to success; enabling timely execution, attracting the right investors, and achieving the value your business warrants. The IPO Scanner is an easy and free scan which provies you with insights into your IPO readiness. A readiness assessment is the vital first step towards achieving your goal. 

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