Leading Women on Boards

Contributing to new leadership in boardrooms is our mission. We lead female professionals by empowering and advancing them on their leadership and board journey.

We strengthen and elevate the experience and knowledge of women through professional development, personal growth and a strong network. Year around we connect for impact by actively engaging with our clients and network and strive to empower female leadership in the boardrooms.

What does the program has to offer?


We provide comprehensive, focused insights to support C- level women on their board journey.

Thought leadership by Deloitte

Women Articles

Deloitte consistently produces high-quality content that is relevant to women in the boardroom. Ranging from points of views to topic articles. The women on boards articles vary from blog post to interviews and podcasts.


We help C- level women grow into their current roles and prepare promising talents for increasing levels of responsibility.

Tools for growth within the leading women on boards journey.

Women on Boards Academy

Our Next Generation Women on Boards Academy is a unique, often career-changing experience that helps prepare promising female leaders for a future role in the boardroom or supervisory board.

The Academy provides a highly experiential curriculum and unparalleled networking opportunities.


We connect C- level women on boards for impact around relevant challenges with their peers.

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Executive Dialogues

Executive dialogues are moderated dialogue sessions with a small group of peers in an informal and inspiring setting about a specific transformational topic.

We as Deloitte try - together with a co-host - to provide an experience where leading women (executive and non-executive) can discuss common challenges and dilemmas from a cross-industry perspective.

Executive Dialogues provide participants with an open and safe peer-learning environment to share experiences about leading transformations. A place where executive women can take the time to be vulnerable, asking real questions and don’t need to keep up appearances or have quick and firm executive answers.

Small-scale Roundtables and Masterclasses

Our Roundtables or Masterclasses are a (virtual) gathering of executive women, focusing on topics that are most relevant in the Netherlands.

We have a well-prepared setup, where usually a Deloitte expert kicks off the topic together with an external speaker, before we move to an open discussion.

During our physical events, there is time set aside for our participating executive women to connect.

Flagship Event

Every year, we host a Flagship event in an inspiring location around a specific topic where existing and new female leaders have the ability to connect and get inspired by keynotes and a great atmosphere.

Women on Boards Alumni Event

We regular organize an alumni event where delegates of all Women on Boards Academy development program can meet up with each other.

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Partner Risk Advisory
Leading Women on Boards lead

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