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Join our upcoming events for ambitious women aspiring to become supervisory or executive board members within three years. Gain essential skills, knowledge, and valuable networking opportunities to excel in the corporate world. Develop yourself with expert-led workshops, panel discussions, and personalized coaching. Step into leadership and register now to shape a future where women's voices are valued at the highest levels.

Upcoming Events

Curious about our upcoming events? Take a look at our events calendar.


The focus of the executive dialogue session in March is to unify the experience and thinking ability of some of Netherlands’ top female leaders in a small-scale and personal setting. Learning from peers with similar dilemmas and challenges, by asking the right questions and exchanging experiences.


Year round we exclusively invite our alumnae to join various events to learn, share knowledge and network, in order to stay connected with their own group and to meet the other alumnae women to learn from each other. Our next alumnae event will be planned for May 2024.


Later this year, the Women on Boards English edition kicks off, a program for top female professionals with the ambition to take a seat on an executive board or supervisory board, and for women who have recently been appointed members of an executive board or supervisory board. The English edition is especially developed for international women seeking to take the next step towards a boardroom position in the Netherlands.

Previous Events

Below, we look back on previous events of the Women on Boards Program.


At the Women on Boards Alumnae Spring Event, hosted by Rolien Hoogers at the House of Rituals' Mind Oasis in Amsterdam, attendees delved into sustainability in business. Following a meditation, insights on Rituals' journey as a B Corp™ and ESG practices from IKEA's Paulien Eckhardt were shared. Discussions also covered personal dilemmas in professional settings. The event, marked by an inspiring atmosphere, underscored the importance of ESG considerations in shaping business landscapes.


Our Autumn Alumnae event included a tour of the ASML Experience Center, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the technology of world’s leading chipmakers. As a technical company employing over 41.500 people with various backgrounds, ASML encounters a variety of neurodiversity. How does ASML foster a safe, inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to contribute? Personal stories were shared with our Alumnae community, and inspiring discussions about Diversity & Inclusion took place.


Experience the power of Women on Boards at our recent Alumnae Spring event, held at the prestigious Nike Headquarters in Hilversum. With the inspiring theme of 'Just Do It', we ignited a positive momentum, reinforcing the belief in your own strength. Our esteemed speakers, Arlette Putker and Maartje Laterveer, shared invaluable wisdom on a crucial topic: Psychological Safety. Discover how to navigate this essential aspect of leadership and unleash your full potential.


Experience the success of the 12th edition of the Women on Boards program, which started this May. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey filled with trust, collaboration, and unparalleled learning opportunities at exclusive venues throughout the Netherlands. Witness the remarkable bonds formed with fellow participants, creating an valuable network that extends far beyond the program itself. Equip yourself with the skills necessary to thrive as a board member or commissioner, navigating the intricacies of corporate governance with confidence.

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Women on Boards Alumnae Manager

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Women on Boards Program Manager

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