Boardroom Programs

A platform for (non)-executive directors

Deloitte’s Boardroom Programs offer exclusive tailor-made solutions supporting board members and non-executive directors in the private and public sector in the Netherlands. From our CFO program to our Executive Women Program, Deloitte focusses on all aspects within the boardroom.

Boardroom Programs

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Chief Financial Officer

CFO Program

CFOs are responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets and fulfilling its regulatory obligations. Strategy, risk, compliance and cyber security are key aspects of the CFO agenda. But how to deal with growing challenges and demands? Deloitte helps with insights, inspiration and expertise.

Executive Women

Leading Women on Boards

Do you want to contribute to new female leadership in boardrooms? Within Deloitte, we lead female professionals by empowering and advancing on their leadership and board journey. Join the Leading Women on Boards Program and connect with other female leaders.

Non-executive director

Supervisory Board Program

Being a Non-Executive Director, you are a supervisor, advisor, as well as employer. How do you combine these roles, and how do you take your organization to the next level? The Supervisory Board Program provides guidance with determining your strategy.

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Program

The Deloitte Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program is dedicated to the success of CEOs and the companies they lead. We offer innovative insight and immersive experiences to assist CEOs.

Chief Operations Officer

COO Program

As the COO, overseeing operations is crucial. Today, integrating AI is inevitable. Our COO program concentrates on how generative AI revolutionizes business operations by enhancing efficiency and innovation.

Chief Information Officer

CIO Program

CIOs and Technology Leaders hold one of the most complex and challenging positions in business today. To help keep pace with the latest developments and trends, we offer a mix of innovative thinking, perspectives, and practical advice for CIOs–all designed to help you turn new developments in IT.

Chief Marketing Officer

CMO Program

Chief Marketing Officers often hold one of the most innovative and challenging roles in business today. Those who excel can operate at the highest level to drive growth and create value for their organizations. Deloitte helps bolster the value CMOs deliver as they advance along their career journeys.

Chief Sustainability Officer

CSO Program

Explore sustainable business practices, environmental and social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and strategic integration of sustainability principles in Deloitte's Sustainability Officer (CSO) Program. Leading organizations towards more sustainable futures.

Chief Legal Officer

CLO Program

​Deloitte's Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program helps legal executives bring more value to the business world as they grow in their careers. We invite legal executives from select client organizations to participate in an interconnected series of professional development and networking programs.


Deloitte Greenhouse

Deloitte Greenhouse® provides immersive experiences designed to break down barriers and accelerate meaningful results. It is a place for cultivation – of ideas, relationships, opportunities – to help our clients and our people to disrupt the status quo and to incite productive action.


Global Boardroom

The Global Boardroom is designed to complement country programs with compelling must-see webinar discussions with preeminent panelists to help boards and executives of global companies to stay current and challenge perceived wisdom, and research and thought-pieces on critical, challenging topics at the frontier of the board agenda.

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