Generative AI

Gen AI offers an inspired opportunity to generate advantage. It brings together the endless possibilities of data with the vastness of human thought.

At Deloitte, we see how Gen AI offers a new kind of collaborative intelligence. And we’re working alongside clients to ask the insightful questions that reveal how Gen AI can reimagine business models, build value, and inform their vision now and in the future.

Your Gen AI solutions are born here

To provide you with a firm grasp of Gen AI and how it fits into your digital transformation journey, we introduce the Gen AI Lab Programme.

The Gen AI Lab Programme is bringing together key decision makers and business leaders to examine the business’ existing capabilities and external landscape. In these sessions, we support our clients, define value spaces based on practical use cases and develop a roadmap with proof of concept that adhere to best practice principles around AI ethics and trustworthiness.

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Stephen Ward

Digital Transformation Strategy

Naser Bakhshi

Generative AI Strategy

Sjors Broersen

Lead NL Deloitte AI Institute

Marc Verdonk

Technology Enabled Solutions

Hilary Richters

Digital Ethics Lead

Frédérique Demenint

Responsible and Legal Generative AI Lead

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Generative AI Leader

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Generative AI Lead

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Generative AI Lead