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Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance

28 April 2022, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Join an online Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance webinar, during which Deloitte and Salesforce experts will demonstrate that working on the Salesforce platform means much more than just programming, as it involves humans, business and multi-dimensional growth.

On 28 April at 6:00 p.m. you will see the human face of Salesforce and:

  • Learn who and how owns projects during which the platform is used
  • Hear inspiring stories of those who have just started using it
  • Learn about Salesforce-based career paths available at Deloitte Digital


Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance

Kacper Pierzchalski

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Deloitte Salesforce x Alliance is intended for:

  • Students and graduates of IT, technical or business faculties
  • Those who want to learn all about Salesforce
  • Candidates looking for new alternative professional growth opportunities
  • Enthusiasts of innovation
  • Passionates of technology who want to work in Deloitte

Why should you choose Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance?

  • To quickly learn about one of the most innovative market platforms
  • To understand your potential career paths and technological competencies
  • To gain new knowledge and market know-how that will help you stand out
  • To add a valuable section to your CV
  • To gain an opportunity to participate in Salesforce Lab internship and get paid for it

Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance agenda

    • Anna, a manager in Deloitte Digital and Natalia, a manager in Salesforce, shall present the operation of the platform, its challenges, opportunities and steadily growing potential, also in the context of your professional career.
    • Łukasz, Salesforce Director in Deloitte Digital, shall talk about the market power of our rapidly growing cooperation.
    • Zachariasz, a Salesforce developer, shall tell you about his internship during the Salesforce Lab and answer (yes, of course) to the crucial question: Is it worthwhile to follow Salesforce?
    • Salesforce: an easily configurable, functional and effective technology
    • Analysis of the full project life cycle
    • A practical, actual business case to be carried out with the participants

How to enroll?

  1. Use the “Apply” form and send your application by 27 April 2022.
  2. Open an e-mail message with a link to the webinar.
  3. Welcome to the world of Deloitte x Salesforce Alliance.

Meet Deloitte Salesforce Alliance experts

Łukasz Kozioł
Salesforce Director at Deloitte Digital

A software engineer, spent 16 designing and implementing global projects, using a variety of technologies and roles, beginning from JEE, Oracle, .NET programmer. For ten years worked as a Salesforce developer, architect, project & program manager. Built and managed a Salesforce development practice of nearly 100 architects and developers in Europe and South America. Deep inside he has remained a developer, or at least wants to be perceived as one.


Anna Kucińska
Salesforce Manager at Deloitte Digital

For over six years she has helped her clients in the implementing of CRM solutions. In her everyday project work she combines technical background with business experience and closely cooperates with developer and analyst teams.
She eagerly shares her (priceless :]) experience gained in all project implementation stages, from preparation, offering, analysis, implementation and testing, all the way through maintenance.

Natalia Maciejowska
Manager, Solutions Engineer at Salesforce

A graduate of Technological University Dublin, she commenced her career at Salesforce seven years ago. For four years her efforts and talents have inspired corporate digital transformation in Central Europe. She manages a team that carries out business and technology analyses in firms and helps to select the right Salesforce solutions; owing to her efforts, the most appropriate ones. :)

Zachariasz Jankowski
Salesforce developer at Deloitte Digital

A full stack developer specializing in interface construction, an enthusiast of server-side code. A graduate of the Salesforce Lab held in autumn 2021.

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