Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023


Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023

What is the role of Customer Service Departments in an evolving market?

Take part in our International Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023 and provide insights on Customer Service Departments.

Why should you participate in the study?

It is…

  •  …opportunity to share your perspective on how the expectations of the organization and the market are changing towards the tasks set for the Customer Service Department;
  •  …active contribution to shaping and setting industry trends;
  •  …industry and market benchmark in the context of areas of responsibility, places in the organization, goals setting, technology and innovation.

In previous report (check it out here) we presented data for 3 regions: the Nordics, Central Europe and Western Europe, gathered via survey with Customer Service leaders.

We looked at Customer Service from various perspectives: Customer, Employee, Manager and Board to catch the needs, trends, but also the challenges faced by Customer Service Departments. Each question was intersected with customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

One of the key findings from previous edition was rise of self-service and personalization trends within Customer Service Department – 60% of surveyed companies respondents considered that their firms should invest in self-service.

What will we find out in this edition?

In this year's edition, we have extended the survey to include questions on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the operations of Customer Departments and the cost-effectiveness of carried out investments.

Take part in 10-minutes survey - the research is anonymous, and its results will be presented in aggregate form.

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