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Real Estate Predictions 2021

Adapt to the changing market with the Real Estate Predictions 2021

Deloitte's Real Estate Industry predictions, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, discusses the Real Estate trends that will impact your business. Read the Real Estate Predictions including articles about the future of work, sustainability, digitalization, and innovation in the real estate sector.

The Real Estate Predictions 2021

From Location, location, location to Location, insights and experience. Deloitte's Real Estate Industry predictions 2021, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, discusses the Real Estate trends for 2021. This report, Real Estate Predictions, gathers insights from more than 10 countries for an inspiring outlook on 2021 and beyond. Read our predictions and find out more about the future of work, sustainability, digitalization, and innovation in the real estate sector. Click on the button on the right to download the complete report which includes the 13 predictions.

Real Estate Predictions 2021

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Real Estate Prediction 1 | 5G as an enabler for new and smarter ways of working

In a year marked with greater public scrutiny of embedded social structures and behaviors, it is easy to forget that another impactful infrastructure change is quietly taking place. The next wave of digital disruption is on course and the 5G rollout will be the enabler. 5G will be the ”glue” that will tie all of our devices, buildings, and cities together, enabling new and smarter ways of working for all of us. What will be the implications for real estate and construction?

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Real Estate Prediction 2 | Gaming the commercial real estate talent conundrum

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human connections, which are at the heart of the commercial real estate (CRE) business. Right-skilled talent can play an important role in determining whether a company stays ahead of the competition or plays catch-up as the business environment evolves over time. How can we prepare for the challenges of the commercial real estate talent strategy in a post-pandemic world?

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Real Estate Prediction 3 | Knowing what others don’t: gaining a competitive edge in real estate with AI-driven geospatial analytics

Data analysis can significantly improve decision-making in real estate. From valuation, sale/purchase of properties and contracting to negotiations, risk analysis and planning. In 2021, all eyes will be on AI-driven geospatial analytics. Why? Because it is a quick, lean and affordable way to provide address-specific rental predictions and explainable transparency.

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Real Estate Prediction 4 | Innovation & construction in the shade of global crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has shed light on another well-known crisis that has the potential of exponentially harming humanity to a point of no return - global warming. If we want to avoid the many consequences of global warming, we should accelerate our efforts, starting now. How can digitalization and innovation enable the industry to prepare for a sustainable future?

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Real Estate Prediction 5 | The virtual office for Corporate Real Estate

The widespread adoption of remote working in 2020 has greatly shifted the role of the workplace within organizations. All indications point to a future where hybrid working is here to stay. So how do real estate owners respond as the virtual office becomes a key component of working in the ”new normal”?

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Real Estate Prediction 6 | Real Estate-as-a-Service: From “product and space” to “system and service”

Real estate is undergoing a fundamental business model redesign enabled by digitalization and a growing market of smart buildings. What business model will be successful in the future? What can the real estate industry learn from tech? What is Real Estate-as-a-Service? And what is the impact on strategy and organizational performance?

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Real Estate Prediction 7 | The impact of social good on real estate

“ESG”, the generally used acronym for “Environmental, Social and Governance”, has become an important business consideration all around the world. For instance, real estate investors have an increasing focus on sustainability. However, ESG in real estate can be so much more impactful. How can it become an important value driver?

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Real Estate Prediction 8 | Understanding Private Rented Sector property

One of the megatrends in real estate is the need for rented housing in the main capitals. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend. However, there is an insufficient and inadequate stock of rental housing, so a specifically designed product must be developed to match demand and offer new real estate opportunities. Enter Private Rented Sector (PRS) property.

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Real Estate Prediction 9 | Optimizing your use of office space and real estate footprint

COVID-19 has accelerated new ways of working, which in turn will impact the use of office space. What are the implications for the real estate industry and corporates? What opportunities will arise? How to prepare the property portfolio for a more agile future of work? The urgency is clear: the time to act is now.

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Real Estate Prediction 10 | Protecting your identity in the digital world

Protecting (proof of) our identity is extremely important in our society. Particularly in the digital world, identity theft or misuse is a serious risk, and interactions and transactions in the digital world have a serious impact for us in the real world. Self-sovereign identity is all about control over our digital identity.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a number of trends in the world of real estate. What is the value of real estate in an increasingly digital world? And how can we prepare for an even more data-based, digital - and preferably sustainable - future? Deloitte can help. Our real estate professionals have deep industry experience and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

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