REflexions - Issue 12


REflexions - Issue 12

Real Estate - September 2021

In this REflexions edition, we will be giving consideration to the upheaval of our real estate industry further to the pandemic.

However, as compared to one year ago now in a much more reflected way: technology and ESG are buzz words when looking at factors shaping our real estate sector, to only name a few. Moreover, this issue puts a special focus on the Spanish post-COVID real estate market. According to long standing tradition, we also include the views of industry players, Spanish Azora Group and this time PGIM, to complete our ‘reflections’.

REflexions - Wydanie 12

REflexions 12

In this issue:

  • Challenges and opportunities in Real Estate Asset Management - Interview with Christy Hill Head of Americas Asset Management and Global Head of ESG at PGIM Real Estate
  • A view at the post COVID Real Estate market - Spotlight on Spain
  • ESG Data Management in the Real Estate Fund Industry
  • Post-pandemic Investment Management trends - Interview with Cristina Garcia-Peri Senior Partner at Azora
  • Real Estate Predictions - From Location, location, location to Location, insights and experience