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Podcast: In an interview with Daniel Martyniuk, Hans van Grieken talks about how to be good “aircraft carrier captains”

#TechInsight Talks

26 September 2019 r.

“Today, the CIOs are just like aircraft carrier captains. They don’t decide on where to go or where to attack. Instead, their objective is to equip their ship with tools that allow executing orders from the top as effectively and precisely as possible.” - says Hans van Grieken in an interview with Daniel Martyniuk.

Hans van Grieken is a trend analyst and the author of a number of highly important Deloitte technological research papers. He helps shaping Deloitte’s global research agenda in addition to identifying and driving a number of EMEA research initiatives.

In September, van Grieken visited Poland to promote his most recent report, “Nine big shifts that will determine your future Business of Technology”, in which he identifies nine key factors which companies should take into account in planning their own digital future strategies. In an interview with Daniel Martyniuk, Leader of Technology Strategy & Architecture at Deloitte Poland, van Grieken talks about how one should understand the shifts indicated in his report, and how to implement them in organisations.

Hans van Grieken, Technology, 9 Big Shifts

We discussed the first version of the report in 2017. Since then, we organised many meetings and workshops with members of the management boards of the largest and most advanced companies from all around the world. The conclusion drawn from those meetings is that the model of nine big shifts provides an efficient approach to challenges faced by companies operating within an environment characterised by fast digitalisation. Version 2.0 of our report presents the results of new analyses, which were carried out together with our clients and colleagues.

- Hans van Grieken in the #TechInsights Talks podcast.

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